Cutter & Squidge sell Biskies but what are they?

Cutter & Squidge are bakery who make and sell not just cakes but also Biskies but what are Biskies you might be asking?

I had the pleasure of finding out the other day when I was invited down to enjoy their latest festive Biskies for Christmas season.

Cutter & Squidge

Cutter & Squidge are London’s only 100% all natural bakery. They make everything from scratch and where possible use real British ingredients. Their eggs are always free range and their butter is always British creamery butter.

However they are a bit health conscious and are not fans of overly fatty or sugar laden foods, so they always keep their fat and sugar content to just as much as needed to make something delicious. 

Their passion is to invent new products or recreate time honoured classics and experiment with flavours so that they can offer their take on old favourites alongside cutting edge taste sensations. 

Cutter & Squidge even though well known for their cakes their famous signature bake is Biskies.


What are Biskies? They are a dessert which is a sandwich that is a cross between a cake and a cookie filled with a cream and other delights such as handmade jams.

Cutter & Squidge London Victoria treat

Stepping within Cutter & Squidge newest bakery within London Victoria and seeing the many cakes it started to make me drool. However I was not there for the cakes as I was there to taste their latest festive Biskies.

The branch even though quite small is very bright and welcoming within inside with it’s white walls, pastel colours and foliage.

Plus apart from cakes and Biskies to be had there was also a number of products from mugs to cookie cutters which can be purchased.

Eyes bigger than my belly

I love desserts and my eyes are always bigger than my belly but on this occasion the four festive Biskies which were presented to me to enjoy defeated me.

Firstly I tried the Banana Hazelnut Biskie which is divine. I cheekily scoffed it quickly like a monkey as no one shares my bananas.

Using bananas, hazelnuts and chocolate this Biskie is a combination of chewy chocolate which is filled with a smooth hazelnut buttercream with a hidden banana hazelnut truffle core. Topped with fresh vanilla buttercream and a crispy banana chip and hazelnut crumb with caramel drizzle.

This cute Arctic Biscoff represents a polar bear keeping with the festive months.

Piped with white chocolate buttercream, sprinkled with coconut and sandwiched fudge with moresih biscoff sauce between vanilla Biskies made this a real sweet delight.

This Snowman S’more is a must if you love marshmallows and snowman as it looks very festive, melted my heart.

Thankfully though this snowman was not going to melt so I could take my time eating it. This Biskie was filled with vanilla buttercream and marshmallows and topped with a snowman consisting of dark chocolate piped buttons and an orange buttercream nose. Plus the beauty about this Biskie is that the marshmallows are vegetarian.

This Gingerbread Folk Biskie is a real festive treat. Question is to pull the gingerbread man off and eat him separately or eat with the Biskie?

Topped with a gingerbread man giving it that real ginger kick and spice sandwiched with vanilla buttercream, and a spiced digestive layer and sticky toffee sauce! made this a real festive treat. A festive favourite at Cutter & Squidge.

A box of 6 Biskies costs from £18.90 but can also be bought singly within store or online.

Check out all their latest Biskie products via clicking here.


Cutter & Squidge not only sell cakes and Biskies but they also hold themed Afternoon Teas throughout the year and run Masterclasses for those who wish to learn how to make Cutter & Squidge delicious creamy cakes.


All the Biskies were eye catching as well as tasty with it’s soft cookies and sweet fillings making them all very moorish. As a lover of both cookies, buttercream and cake I would highly recommend trying Cutter & Squidge Biskies as trust me once you eat one you will certainly be returning for more.

Cutter & Squidge

Cutter & Squidge can be found within Victoria at 97 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0RP.

Plus in Soho at 20 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0SJ and within Bank at 23 The Royal Exchange, Threadneedle Street, EC3V 3LP

Discover more via clicking here.

Thank you to Cutter & Squidge for gifting me four festive Biskies to try out.


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