Buy your favourite designer fragrance at a fraction of the price with Suscents

  • Suscents sell your favourite designer fragrance at a fraction of the price
  • All their fragrances (perfumes and aftershaves) are bought from Drom in Germany
  • No copies, no fakes, as all their fragrances are made with fragrance oils matching your favourite scent
  • Buy your favourite fragrance from as little as £15

Spritzing on a signature scent every day can really lift your spirits, but designer fragrances from brands such as Chanel don’t come cheap.

I was gifted my favourite designer perfume Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb to enjoy thanks to Suscents which I must state sells exactly the same and the beauty is that I can re-buy at a fraction of a price from as little as £15.


Suscents is a company who sell your favourite fragrances at a fraction of a price.

Purchasing fragrances from Germany who provide top branded fragrances are developed producing your favourite scent using fragrance oils which match your favourite designer perfume/aftershave.

Federico Mahora FM perfumes are created by Drom, and set up back in 2004. They are one of the largest and most respected perfumery companies in the world today, with teams of international perfumers in Paris, Munich, New York and Sydney.

No copies, no fakes as these scents are all inspired matching top branded scents.

Buy from over 190 different perfumes and aftershaves for a fraction of a price starting from as little as £15.

Perfume inspired by Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

I love floral perfumes so I decided to order one of my favourite scents Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

Upon receiving my fragrance which is inspired on one of my favourite perfumes it was nicely presented in a mesh bag with a butterfly print. The perfume is named Pure 20 and comes in a beige box.

The bottle is plain and clear with a beige label so don’t expect a fancy designer looking bottle. However once I spayed the perfume I was immediately hit by floral notes and was surprised in how much it smelt the same as Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. Had notes of rose, fressia and magnolia smelling refreshing and making me think of Summer. Plus the beauty about this perfume was it seemed to linger on my skin for a lot longer than the normal designer brands so I could enjoy floral notes all day. I learned that the smell lasted longer as made using Eau de Parfum which contains a higher percentage (8-14%)of perfume oil than Eau de Toilette (5-9%).

My reaction

Smell of success

Even though their fragrances are presented in simple bottles with no celebrity endorsements I would certainly buy from Suscents again as Frederjco Mahora parfum is a high strength, long-lasting scent and can be bought at a fraction of a price.

I will certainly be looking at ordering more of my favourite scents in the future as the packaging is not a big thing as you don’t wear the packaging it’s all about the scents. Plus with their fragrances being a fraction of a price compared to designer brands it means I will be able to buy several of my favourites without breaking the bank, making them affordable for everyone.


Discover more about Suscents and the fragrances they sell via Instagram @suscents. To order email her at

Discover their full fragrance list via clicking here.

Thank you to Suscents for the fragrance. This is my review based on my own honest opinion.

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