At Gingerline’s TV Dinners what do points mean? extra FOOD

Gingerline brings to London their latest immersive dining experience TV Dinners which takes fans on an unapologetic, tasty piece of nostalgic 90’s game show fun.

Question is do you know the difference between a cucumber and a marrow?

As points in this game show mean extra FOOD!

Gingerline are known for their immersive events which I and some others of Love Pop Ups London have had the pleasure of enjoying on numerous occasions. This time I was invited on a complimentary basis to challenge my culinary skills Gingerline’s TV Dinners along with a plus 1 in whom which I took my friend Bianca who just loves immersive events.


For those who don’t know, Gingerline has been entertaining Londoners with immersive supper clubs for years, since 2010 in fact with their immersive dining experiences.

They run a series of events throughout the year from:

Gingerline – their original nomadic theatrical supper club, pops up in various secret locations along the East London Line.

The Chambers of Flavour – is a multi-dimensional dining Machine which catapults brave diners through a tongue-tangling taste adventure, hidden away in a top secret London location, closely guarded by our egghead engineers.

Flavourology – creates multi-sensory dining experiences strictly for brave brands and daring hosts. Harnessing Gingerline’s pedigree for story telling and mischief making, our Institute is filled with designers, performers, chefs and technicians poised to conjure awe-inspiring food-centric dining experiences into reality.

Now presenting TV Dinners bringing diners a four course immersive team-based dining game show.

Gingerline’s TV Dinners

Gingerline’s latest pop up in their innovative series of events gives diners a chance to feel like a TV contestant within the W1 London Studios presented by Midge and Made. Points though with TV Dinners wins tasty FOOD extras. Contestants will enjoy a two hour battle of appetite, skill and culinary savvy over four competitive rounds of food-based fun.

Gingerline TV Dinners

Why TV Dinners? as Suz Mountfort, Co-Founder Gingerline’s TV Dinners says

“Who didn’t want to step through the TV and get involved in the task-based gameshows of the 90s? There’s only one thing better and that’s being able to have a drink and eat while you compete.”

No matter though which Gingerline event you attend you will always be guaranteed an experience full of performance, food, drink and design, taking intrepid diners on an absurdist adventure like no other.

Onto stardom

Arriving at TV Dinners within W1 London Studio we were taken to a green room to mingle with our team mates for the night.

However this green room felt more like a party with people drinking and not mingling with team mates but staying with their friends. The team we would have been in was a large group of friends. Feeling uncomfortable, not welcomed at this stage and not knowing what to do or put myself within this odd atmosphere I was disappointed but this soon changed. I learned that there are 5 teams in total with each groups consisting of up to 12 or less contestants. Thankfully before we headed to the studio with our respective team (the purples) we noticed that one team (the blues) had lesser people than other teams so we managed to swap ourselves into that team which we felt very welcomed into.

5 minutes of fame

Gingerline's TV Dinners studio by Love Pop Ups London

Once in the studio and settled Midge and Madge introduced themselves alongside their trusted sidekick, Snack-a-Max 2000 which is a micro-wave with the maxi brain to keep track of those foodie points.

Gingerline's TV Dinners me with Midge, Madge and Snack O Max by Love Pop Ups London

We soon learned that winning points actually equivelated to winning extra FOOD for our team. As with this game show, food is the key, the more wins surprise extras will be delivered to your team, to eat and all thanks to team effort. Round after round there was challenges from physical to general knowledge. As not to give too much away as Gingerline experiences are always built around unpredictability, and the less I say will just add to the excitement and fun when you attend.

Gingerline's TV Dinners Midge & Madge by Love Pop Ups London

There are four rounds in total with each round requiring three contestants. So if your team has 12 you will each get a chance to participate in a round be it. However as there were only ten of us within our team, two of us got to play twice, two different rounds. Think Generation Game meets Supermarket Sweep.

Gingerline's TV Dinners team rounds by Love Pop Ups London

We were given a basic idea of what each round would require and asked to decide on the respective contestants before it all started, then we were off to an evening of silliness and delicious food.

The last round though will determine which dessert you get as there are five different ones up for grabs and it all comes down to the fastest finger first with the correct answer. So if you love Banoffee pie over say a Lemon Tart or Black Forest Gateaux then be quick and buzz.

For 2 hours after battling of our competition with our skill and culinary knowledge we came out being on top with a win after win as we proved to all that we are true foodies with our knowledge.

Food, Food and more food

Throughout after each round we are served one of the dishes from the delicious 4 course set menu with each created by Flavourology.  All the dishes were outstanding full of flavour and looked stunning. Even the added extras which we received round and after round which we won nearly all. The only downside was that not all food portions though were the same size with some cases being quite obvious as my friend was always served smaller portions.

Dish 1 – Smoked haddock with bengali cholar dal, rice crackers, a quail’s egg, and coriander cremolata.

Gingerline's TV Dinners Dish 1 by Love Pop Ups London

Was very tasty, not too fishy and lightly spiced.

Dish 2 – Spiced pumpkin.

Gingerline's TV Dinners pumpkin by Love Pop Ups London

Soft and tasty.

Dish 3 – Duck A L’orange.

Gingerline's TV Dinners Dish 3 by Love Pop Ups London

The duck was cooked perfectly and a decent size. The carrot and orange puree tasted nice and was served with a lovely cucumber salad and a soft flavoursome potato fondant.

Dish 4 – There were four to choose from and luckily we had first dibs as we got the question right and so we opted for the Bannoffee pie which was fabulous.

Gingerline's TV Dinners dessert by Love Pop Ups London

Very tasty with it being creamy, lovely caramelised flavour and a lovely tart base with a delicate crunch.

Smashed it

Gingerline's TV Dinners scoreboard by Love Pop Ups London

We won the night with our culinary skills and knowledge making us the ultimate foodies.

Gingerline's TV Dinners Bianca and me by Love Pop Ups London

Question is do you consider yourself a foodie and are you up for the challenge?

TV Dinners is a Winner  

Gingerline TV Dinners is a winner with Midge and Madge being fabulous hosts right from the start.

Gingerline's TV Dinners Midge and me by Love Pop Ups London

Feeling like I was in an actual studio I just had to grab a signed photo and selfie with Midge as after all he is famous right?

They kept up the hype of the audience from start to finish creating a jolly party atmosphere of fun, fun and fun.

So if you love food, surprises and nuts about TV game shows then you love TV Dinners as Gingerline’s TV Dinners as this is the stuff dreams are made of!

You have to be in it to win it?

Tickets start from £50 + booking fee and include 4 flavoursome courses from our food partner Flavourology and a 2 hour battle of appetite, skill and culinary chaos.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
17:30 to 20:00
20:30 to 23:00

12:30 to 15:00
15:15 to 17:00
17:45 to 20:30

12:30 to 15:00
15:15 to 17:00

To book click here.

Thank you to Gingerline for inviting me and another to test our foodie skills by taking on culinary rounds at TV Dinners. Click below to be redirected to read all our write ups. All our views are of our own honest opinions.

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