Paddington skates into Hyde Park Winter Wonderland all the way from Germany

Ever seen a bear skate on ice? Then you can do just that within Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland as Paddington has arrived in London bringing along with him new friends.

I and Steve of Love Pop Ups London were invited down to take in the adventures of Paddington on ice.

Paddington on Ice at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

This award-winning international show comes to London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland for the first time with award winning figure skaters along with a show stopping show with cutting edge choreography, stunning costumes and toe tapping music!

Paddington fans will be treated to a ensemble of Jazz through to Caribbean hits, whilst Paddington makes his brave journey from Peru to London.

Everything was not plain sailing for Paddington or was it?

Upon entering the doors to the ice skating rink arena there was plenty of seats to choose from side to central seating. With the tickets being all unreserved seating you can sit where you like so if you want to be right in the front then get there before the doors open.

The show starts with Paddington in Peru with his aunt talking about how he would love to travel to London. So with her help she helped Paddington smuggle onto a cruise heading to London with a suitcase full of marmalade.

I wondered though as a cruise lover which ship this was? Was it Cunard for those seeking luxury, was it Royal Caribbean which provides plenty of fun for any age, or was it P&O in particular Britannia in which you can have a cooking lesson on board with the likes of Marco Pierre White?

However Paddington as he is such a curious bear did not stay hidden for long and soon he was spotted by the Captain of the ship but he welcomed him with open arms and even got him involved in cooking.

So with this conclusion I decided he must of been on P&O Britannia as that is the only ship in the world that has a cookery school on board. Word soon got out though about Paddington was on board and the ticket inspector was very much after him as there can not be a bear seen on board can you imagine the out roar.

This show from start to finish provided a lot of fun and suspense with everyone wondering will Paddington be caught or will Paddington make it safely to London and experience the many wonderful restaurants, escape rooms, shows, bars etc which Love Pop Ups London gang has promoted about over the past few years.

Dear Auntie,
Planning a trip to London was much more complicated than I had imagined, and so I decided the only thing to do was to consult my new friends of Love Pop Ups London for help.


With the show being a big success in Germany where it plays at Europa-Park (Germany’s largest theme park) I can see why Hyde Park Winter Wonderland was pleased to have it as part of their event this year.

I loved this show from start to finish as it bought a unique twist to Paddington’s adventure. Especially how all the actors engaged with the audience on several occasions to create a festive and good-spirited performance. Plus with fun musical numbers it was hard to stay in my seat without me wanting to jump on up on the ice and dance along with Paddington.

Paddington on Ice certainly creates the perfect festive show for family and friends of all ages and I highly recommend.

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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland will be open from 10am – 10pm every day until 5th January 2020 (except Christmas Day).

Paddington on Ice lasts 45 minutes with performances at 11:30*, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30* and 19:30.

*These performance times are only available on selected days.

Arrive 20 minutes before the show starts to take to your seats.

To discover more and book your seat click here.

Thank you to Paddington for inviting me and another to enjoy your adventures. Click below to be redirected to read all our write ups. All our views are of our own honest opinions.

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