At Lost Boys Pizza sink your fangs into their dark pizzas

Braving the night I ventured on down to Lost Boys Pizzeria in Camden to sink my fangs into the darkest pizza on earth where vampires hang out, with killer drinks and heart pumping music it is no wonder why all who love pizza flock here.  

This time I returned with some of my clutch from Love Pop Ups London on a gifted basis to try out their vegan pizzas in celebration of Veganuary.

Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza are famous for being the world’s only vampire themed pizzeria who serve pizzas made by infusing charcoal within the pizza dough and can be found in the bustling town of Camden.

Owners Alex Fisher and Peter Crozier-Clucas, have previously worked for a number of restaurant brands including Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe. In June 2018 they decided to open up their own restaurant but one themed around the Lost Boys and classic horror characters.

They opened their first ever themed pizzeria back in June 2018 in Archway and then with their second restaurant in Camden. However sadly the Archway one has now closed down.

Within Lost Boys Pizza you can enjoy signature black charcoal pizza, killer cocktails, listen to 80’s soundtracks and you can even enjoy a night of absinthe within their Croque Monsieur bar which resides down in the basement.

Stepping into a pizza lair of hungry vampires

This pizzeria in Camden London is a scarily superb themed restaurant which is run by people, not vampires, who all provide great hospitality all whilst serving up pizzas that are to die for. Think 80’s, scary comics, think heart pumping music, think killer drinks and dark pizzas, and there you have it Lost Boys Pizza which is I must add the world’s only vampire-themed pizzeria, which serves up signature black charcoal pizza. 

Sitting within the restaurant surrounded by images of the vampires from Lost Boys amongst some replica props there was also the odd poster or two showing classic horror characters from Freddie Krueger to Swamp Thing it certainly is not for the vulnerable but it certainly gives the whole restaurant a real cool vibe.

Sinking our fangs into vegan delights at Lost Boys Pizza

As mentioned before we were here to sink our fangs into the vegan delights of which Lost Boys Pizza serve to celebrate Veganuary.

Their High Priestess put a spell on us providing us hungry diners a menu full of 100% vegan delights in which all the pizzas were also sprayed with CBD to give them some healing magic.

Upon scanning over the menu it was obvious to see straight away that all the drinks and food all had pun laden names which was hilarious.

We decided to start of with some off the Vegan Small Plates of Buffalo Cauliflower Tings (cajun roasted cauliflower, hot sauce, nootch, smootchie blue cheese dip), Chips & Smoky Guacamole (blue corn chips & 2 avocados worth of homemade guac with a smokey kick), Dough Bites (bloody good ragu), and the Roasted 4 Skins (four Potato skins, bbq norizo, no harm-easn, sour dream).  

This buffet of nibbles all slayed our taste buds, bite after bite. The Buffalo Cauliflower Tings were tasty with a hint from smokiness from the cajun and hint of spice from the hot sauce. The Chips & Smoky Guacamole had a real crunch and the avocado mix gave it that extra texture. The Dough Bites were fluffy within and crunchy on the outside real devil balls. The Roasted 4 Skins had a mix of textures and tastes making them ever so moorish.

For the pizzas we opted for The Moon (cherry tomato, basil), The Lovers (vegam sausage, broccoli, no harm-e-san), Death (No-rizo, peppers, red onions, chilli flakes), The Sun (cauliflower, kale, hot sauce, smootchie blue cheese dip), and the The Tower (olives, sundried toms, rocket). Plus note all the pizzas only cost £10 which is a bargain.

Lost Boys Pizza

All the pizzas are dark and a little scary looking as so used to white pizza. Fear not though as these pizzas you might think are burnt but are not as they are made using charcoal which gives a slight smokiness in taste. However if you are concerned about charcoal pizza in the health risks don’t be as small quantities, are perfectly safe to consume.

All the pizzas served to us were cooked to perfection and had a real bite to them, along with a hint of heat from the hot sauce or chills. What surprised me though with all these pizzas was the cheese, even though not real cheese it certainly did taste like real cheese. So if you are vegan and never tasted cheese made from cows or goats milk it tastes practically the same. I also loved the true thin crusts which provided a real crunch to the pizza.

Lost Boys Pizza my clutch

Braving the spice.

The Moon

If you are a meat eater though then check out their full menu via clicking here.

With all their pizzas be it a meat version or vegan all their pizzas feature an array of original toppings that really do work well together, match made in hell.

From the vegan menu to accommodate my pizza I ordered a one of the CDM cocktails of a CBD Colada (CBD, rum, coconut, pineapple and lime).

It was a very refreshing drink and came within a very unique cup.

The other CBD cocktails on the menu was a High Priestess Daiquiri (CBD rum, sage, pineapple and lime) and CBD Martini (darjeeling gin, vermouth, CBD, grapefruit oil). At Lost Boys Pizza they even have low alcohol options, as well as a really nice alcohol-free ginger ale.  

To end with we opted for a vegan cheesecake made from coconut milk and topped with passion-fruit.

Lost Boys Pizza cheesecake

I am not usually a lover of cheesecake as I feel it can be quite claggy and dry but this cheesecake was to die for seriously as was creamy and had a real tang from the passion-fruit. I will certainly be staking out in returning for it. Just look at it.


This was not my first visit to Lost Boys Pizza as I went along to their launch party when they opened their venue within Camden over a year ago which was amazing from the atmosphere to the music.

So I was excited in returning along with my clutch and it was great to see that nothing really has changed as the atmosphere was still alive, with heart pumping music played over speakers, the staff are so lovely, the drinks are tantalising tasty and the pizzas are to die for.

With so many signature cocktails, pizzas and a mix of 80’s nostalgia you truly will feel lost in what to order and what to sink your fangs into.

I souly recommend getting yourself down to Lost Boys Pizzeria.

Plus good to see they still proudly display our sticker on their window as we of Love Pop Ups London highly recommend this restaurant.

Stake out Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza
245 Eversholt Street,
London NW1 1BA

Drink, eat and get your heart pumping to the sounds within Lost Boys Pizza.

Plus enjoy special scary screenings of classic horror movies which are shown on certain dates within inside the Lost Boys Pizza marquee.

Discover more click here.

Thank you to Lost Boys Pizza for inviting me and a bunch of others down to sink our fangs into your evilly delicious dark pizzas and sip on killer drinks. Click below to be redirected to read all our write ups. All our views are of our own honest opinions.

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