Choco Fruit marries fruit with chocolate

If you are like me and just love fruit and chocolate then you’ll love Choco Fruit which marries the two together creating that perfect match.

I was gifted on a complimentary basis some of their sweet chocolate treats of a banana covered in chocolate and a waffle loaded with fruit and chocolate.

Choco Fruit

Established in 2015, Choco Fruit is the UK’s number one sweet treat and events company. They are a contemporary 21st century business, which is one of its’ kind in London. They are well known for producing stunning chocolate treats, marrying fruit with chocolate.

Choco Fruit provide a wide range of quality chocolate treats. They cover fruit with lashings of delicious Belgium chocolate and top them up with toppings. Whether you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate, Choco Fruit provide something for everyone.

  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Chocolate Dipped Dates
  • Strawberry Arrangements & Bouquets
  • Chocolate Covered Oreos

Choco Fruit can be found at The Southbank Centre Market, London from Friday to Sunday and every Sunday at The Brick Lane Sunday Up Market.

They are also available for event hire. Whether it is a private party, wedding or corporate event, they are available for all types of occasions. For more information regarding their services, visit

Choco Fruit treat delight

I love sweet treats and when I heard about Choco Fruit and was invited down to enjoy their sweet delights I could not resist. Heading on down to the South Bank market I and my friend we opted to indulge on their sweet treats of the classic banana smothered in chocolate and waffles topped with fruit plus chocolate of course.

Naughty (chocolate) or not naughty (fruit)

Firstly we opted for their classic banana treat which was covered with lashings of three different delicious Belgium chocolate (white, milk & dark) and then lovingly created into a piece of art.

It did not just look amazing but tasted delicious from the fresh banana, lush sweet creamy chocolate and topped with some sweet delights adding that extra texture and goodness to the whole sweet treat.

For our second treat we opted for the waffle smothered with fruit and chocolate and again with that extra magic the chocolate was made into a work of art. Topped alongside I had mini marshmallows, nits and chocolate balls. It tasted so good with the lush good quality chocolate which provided a real creamy sweet flavour, the fruit with it’s freshness and the toppings giving all those extra textures with each bite.

Even though the waffles were pre-made and warmed up in a toaster it still tasted amazing not dry at all. Plus the chocolate and the fruit topped on top of the waffle along with a mixture of toppings (mini marshmallows, chocolate balls & nuts) was a match made in heaven. Every bite was full of texture and flavour from the sweet chocolate, juicy fruit and the spongy warm waffle dough.


If you love good quality chocolate and fruit then I highly recommend heading on down to The South Bank Centre market and buying one or two of these sweet delights by Choco Fruit.

Watch as they ooze chocolate over fruit and then finally create a work of art with the drizzled chocolate.

Forget coffee art check out Choco Fruit chocolate art.

Choco Fruit discover more

Choco Fruit visit them at Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX

Monday – Thursday: Closed
Friday: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 12am – 6pm

Alternatively hire them for your event email them at

Discover more via

Thank you to Choco Fruit for inviting me and my friend another member of Love Pop Ups London down for a sweet treat of fruit and chocolate.

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