Casa Tua Italian gem in Kings Cross

Casa Tua brings authentic homemade traditional Italian food to London with their friendly environment within Kings Cross and I was invited on a complimentary basis along with some other members of Love Pop Ups London to taste a variety of their favourite dishes.

Casa Tua

Casa Tua popped up in Camden August 2013 bringing authentic Italian to Londoners giving a homely feel.

Now newly opened up in Kings Cross diners can enjoy their fresh pasta, homemade South Italian food and traditional brunches all within a friendly environment. Casa Tua also provide good wine and great coffees.

Italian feast at Casa Tua

Heading on into Casa Tua immediately I felt like I had stepped into a small restaurant within Italy as I was warmly greeted in by host Giuseppe, the furniture is rustic and smells of lovely cooked pasta wafted up my nostrils.

Casa Tua

As there was a group of us and we were there to taste the delights of which Casa Tua have to offer hungry diners who just love Italian food we were taken downstairs to their private area which was spacious and have many photos of famous Italian (and some not so famous Italians) dotted around the room.

Giuseppe treated us to a variety of dishes which were all lovingly cooked and prepared by his talented chefs. Each dish provided us with deliciousness every time as all their food uses the best ingredients from Italy.

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Casa Tua bread

This homemade rosemary focaccia was a sheer delight, soft and yet slightly crunchy along with that hint of saltiness and tanginess from the olive oil.

Casa Tua olives

These Cerignola olives were so fresh, large and juicy.

Casa Tua peppers

Friggitelli padrón peppers looked stunning with it’s bright green colour and charred bits. They tasted amazing.

Casa Tua

These Casa Tua arancini were a sheer delight. Crunchy on the outside, creamy and fluffy on the inside with a powerful truffle flavour hitting the taste buds.

Casa Tua Mozzarella

Fresh Apulian Burrata was served with Mantovana pumpkin and seed pesto. The cheese was fresh, literally melted in the mouth and the pumpkin was soft and tasty with the dressing giving the whole dish that extra oily and nutty flavour.

Casa Tua cod

The torched cod is slow-cooked and finished off by torch in front of us giving it that extra wow factor. It came served with peperonata and black olive sauce giving the soft cod that extra sweetness and sourness.

Casa Tua

If you love aubergines then I highly recommend their Parmigiana di melanzane. Which is baked aubergine layered with Parmesan, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Saucy and tasty.

Casa Tua bolognaise

Their Sagne ricce alla bolognese is a beef ragu which has been slow cooked for 8 hours. The meat was so full in flavour and the pasta was divine, chunky yet soft and fresh.

Casa Tua broccoli pasta

This dish is fit for any vegetarian as the Maccheroncini alla pugliese is pasta mixed with saute broccoli, chilli and garlic oil. Was so refreshing and different. I will certainly be trying to reattempt this at home.

Casa Tua Gnocchi

The Artisan gnocchi with pumpkin puree, Parmesan, truffle and crispy sage was a delight. They literally melted in the mouth and the sauce gave it that extra creaminess. A sheer delight bite after bite.

Casa Tua special pork

This was one of their specials for the night (not on the menu) which contained minced pork and herbs served with large pasta tubes. It was very flavoursome a bit like their classic ragu but with chunky pasta.

Casa Tua icecream and coffee

Affogato al caffe is an Italian coffee-based dessert. This vanilla ice cream was topped with a shot of hot espresso. Great for a pick me up.

Casa Tua tiramisu

The homemade Tiramisu was the most perfect Tiramisu I have ever eaten. As it was fresh, creamy and had a lovely subtle coffee flavour to it. The only thing I would say though is the serving was slightly too big for my liking.

These were a bit similar to almond biscuits like a Cantucci e Vin Santo. Almond in flavour, crispy on outside and soft on the inside.

If you like the idea of sharing yourself along with friends or family then Giuseppe recommends from 4 to 6 dishes between 2. Sharing is caring!

However you don’t need to opt for sharing you can always pick from their a la carte menu a meal all to yourself and I for one will be heading on back to order the vegetarian Maccheroncini alla pugliese all for myself as it was so fresh and delicious.

All their pasta is home made using a blend of traditional ingredients, semola flour from Altamura (Puglia) and British free range eggs.


Casa Tua us

So if you are looking for an experience at a fine Italian restaurant in London, then I highly recommend visiting Casa Tua for your will be in for a real treat no matter what dish you order. We loved it.

Head on down to Casa Tua

Casa Tua in Kings Cross
106 Cromer Street

or visit their one in Camden

Casa Tua
176 Royal College Street

Discover more about Casa Tua click here.

Thank you to Casa Tua for a real Italian treat.

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