MeetspaceVR Zero Latency took my mind on a trip

MeestpaceVR Zero Latency got me tripping as my mind was taken to another world once I donned on my backpack and placed the VR headset over my eyes. With any of their virtual games you will feel like you have been beamed up instantly to another world.

I was invited down on a complimentary experience along with a bunch of other members of Love Pop Ups London to experience the biggest trip of our lives as we battled with zombies and adventured a topsy turvy world of Engineerium.

MeetspaceVR Zero Latency

MeetspaceVR Zero Latency brings VR to London Boxpark Wembley like never before giving gamers a social free-roaming experience that will blow your mind. One moment you’re adventuring through London living in your own world, the next you’re lost in a land of zombies or a topsy turvy world. You know that your just visiting, but your mind is convinced otherwise. One moment is all it takes to be completely consumed in a world that will blow your mind forever.

Challenge your friends / family on various missions they offer as below:

Free Roam VR – with so many games will you decided to take on a herd of zombies or adventure through a military space station or something else.

VR Escape Rooms – with so many choices will you decide to escape from the scare of Medusa or perhaps challenge yourself from escaping a prison.

VR Arcade games – challenge your friends / family to a boxing match or a race or even something else from their range of arcade games.

The choice is yours.

What is VR?

VR takes your mind to another world but one where no matter what you face you can’t get hurt.

Take your mind inside a game, let your body become the controller and take control.

VR combines a unique combination of technology, software and pure imagination that transports you to the ultimate social entertainment experiences.

Their playing spaces are warehouse scale, designed for up to 8 players, and once you and your team enter the virtual world. Untethered, you and your friends can freely and confidently explore the game space engaged in their immersive worlds, not having to wonder where the walls are.

You will be required to don a military-grade backpack which contains a high-performance Alienware PC gaming compute giving you the chance to free-roam. The controller is a custom-made simulated weapon and all game controllers are designed giving any gamer a maximum immersion. The VR headset is a world-class OSVR HDK2 which gives 2K resolution, delivering graphic detail that’ll leave you questioning what’s real. The headphones and microphone are by Razer giving that ultra-realistic level of surround sound and a clear and crisp line of communication.

Mind tripping through VR worlds

Upon entering MeetspaceVR Zero Latency we was warmly welcomed by John and the rest of the staff.

meetspaceVR Zero Latency

We was given a short introduction to who they are and the many games that they currently have.

meetspaceVR Zero Latency

Question is which worlds would you like to take your mind on a trip?

Stuffing our bags and coats into lockers we then split into two groups to take our minds on a trip like no other from adventuring through a topsy turvy world to shooting zombies.

The free roaming VR area takes up to 8 players per gaming session so as there was 15 of us the other team whilst waiting for their turn within the free roaming VR arena took on a rhythm based game of Beat Saber, bit like bashing drums but flying blocks. So energetic, musical, fun and gets your competitive side going.

Free roaming VR

We entered into a topsy turvy alien world Engineerium and even took on a Zombie Survival as we tried to escape the fort which was overrun by zombies.

For the teams who are not playing the free roaming area at the time can play the standard VR games on Nintendo switch consoles upstairs or watch your team mates progress through their adventure on the various TV screens throughout the venue.

meetspaceVR Zero Latency gaming


Engineerium is a topsy turvy role which will take you on a 15 minute adventure turning your world upside down, literally!

This game has won awards and can be played from as young as aged 10 (under 12’s must be accompanied by an adult).

Escape into a fantastical ancient alien world, suspended above an ocean, where gravity does not function as expected. In fact, nothing is as expected in this world as it’s designed to test your ability to coordinate your mind and body.

Through this ancient alien world suspended above an ocean where gravity does not function we walked up ramps, down ramps, over twisty walls, and even hopped over moving platforms and so much more. Defying gravity it really does take your mind into a topsy turvy tizzwhozz leaving you thinking am I tripping?

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is about surviving a zombie outbreak. with 30 minutes you will have to fight yourself free from a fort full of zombies.

This game can be played from as young as 12 (under 14s must be accompanied by an adult).

Gearing up and learning zombie survival skills it was time for us to take on zombies.

This game was super fun even though a little scary as even though we know it’s not real when you enter the fort your mind starts to make you believe you are there.

Shoot your way through to survival question is will you survive or will you become the zombies next meal?

Thankfully we survived and on a complimentary basis John provided us some good from Kabab.

Which was all very delicious. If you love tasty kebabs inspired you’ll find an array of fresh pita, crunchy salads and homemade sauces at Kabab. All their food is delicious but once you’ve tried their halloumi fries you’ll be hooked! Their food is all reasonable priced and can be found within Boxpark Wembley.


I loved the fact that with their free roaming space is so large you could don on your VR headgear and be in the reassured you won’t be bumping into any walls.

Each game I played whilst at MeetspaceVR Zero Latency was so much fun even the standard Beat Saber game of bashing boxes.

meetspaceVR Zero Latency me

However the zombie game was the game that stood out to me as it bought to me fear and adrenaline. I loved flickering through the array of guns to use against the zombies and saving my fellow friends from getting bitten.

Question is are you brave enough to take on the herd of zombies or would you rather take an adventure through an alien ancient world?

No matter which adventure or game your choose it truly is a great way to have fun with the family, or as a day/night out with your friends.

We of Love Pop Ups London we all loved our time at MeetspaceVR Zero Latency and highly recommend.

meetspaceVR Zero Latency us

Book MeetspaceVR Zero Latency

Box Park
Olympic Way
Wembley Park

Explore. Play. Conquer. Together.

Take yourself inside the game, let your body be your controller and let your mind believe it’s real. It will blow your mind!

Book and discover all their VR games via and

Thank you to MeetspaceVR Zero Latency for a blast.

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