Funicular Cocktail Time Machine took me on a drinkie bar crawl through the decades

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? With Funicular Productions latest adventure Cocktail Time Machine you can do just that whilst drinking newly invented drinks at the time and partying through past decades in various countries.

I was invited down along with another member of Love Pop Ups London where travelled back and had an adventure like no other.

Funicular Productions

Funicular Productions are an award winning immersive theatrical company.

You could experience a time travelling experience on their latest adventure Cocktail Time Machine pub crawling hopping through the decades.

Solve a murder mystery on The Murder Express.

Solve who stole the precious diamond at the Jewel of the Empire.

Travel back in time with the Cocktail Time Machine.

All adventures with Funicular Productions are immersive with actors where audience participation is needed.

Travelling back in time

Stepping through the doors of the Timeless Bar to take in my adventure with Time Travel Corporation I knew this journey would be a pub crawl like no other.

Drinkie time

Checking in at the doorway to time travel with the Time Corporation with one of the time traveller attendants.

We were soon on our way back in time through three decades and countries for a 75 minute adventure.

Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine drink
Photo credit Steve Peca – Time travelling potion

Entering the time vortex our first stop back in time was to the 1930s to Havana Cuba we were introduced to the newly invented The Mojito.

Funicular Cocktail Time Machine Havana Mojito

The barman shook up the ice with fluids before pouring into a Cuban highball glass, crushed the mint with his bare hands before garnishing.

Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine drink Havana
Photo credit Steve Pea – Mojito

A Mojito is made from fresh mint, fresh lime juice, sugar, and rum. Then added with ice and soda water. It provides a tart (but not sour) flavour, with a good minty, citrus tang with a little punch from the rum.

It was then forward to the 1940s to Kingsport Tennessee. Greeted or perhaps not greeted we were threatened by a cowboy before he then realised we were good and not bad we were then treated to a Long Island Iced Tea.

Funicular Cocktail Time Machine USA
Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine drink USA
Photo credit Steve Peca – Long Island Iced Tea

A Long Island Iced Tea surprisingly has no tea in it at all but instead cola with white liquors, triple sec and lemon juice. It mostly tastes like of cola with a hint of orange and lemon.

It was then forward and back to the retro 1980s of Soho London where we danced and a new drink of the decade the Espresso Martini.

Funicular Cocktail Time Machine Soho Espresso Martini
Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine drink Soho
Photo credit Steve Peca – Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini is a sumptuous mix of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. It is rich, creamy and indulgent and has a shot of espresso to keep you awake to party all night long.

Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine me dancing Soho

Dancing on the dance floor on a buzz unfortunately the time vortex was ready for us to travel back to 2020.

We experienced some of the finest cocktails ever created, at THE very moment, in THE very place, these delicious cocktails were created.

Funicular Cocktail Time Machine Timeless

Back in the present, the party did not stop as we continued the adventure at the Timeless Bar where there was plenty of drinks to enjoy. Their cocktail menu is inspired by 100 years of creativity and still passionately served today. They have a variety of craft beers, spirits and delicious seasonal wines.

Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine Steve and me

Every hour is a happy hour giving guests a 2-4-1 opportunity with a different cocktail from different countries.

Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine
Image credit: Funicular Productions Cocktail Time Machine

The food on offer is a unique menu of high end designed dishes by MasterChef Louisa Ellis but at affordable prices.

There is a selection of delicious small plates and sharing menu, including delicious light bites such as Katsu Cauliflower Steak & Dukkha and Sautéed Potatoes & Parsley Mayo. Click here to see the full menu.

I particularly loved the Smoked haddock croquettes & dill mayo which had a lovely fluffy filling with a nice outer crunch. The slow cooked beef & tarragon gravy was sublime as the meat was succulent and packed with flavour.  


I loved this 75 minute immersive time travelling pub crawl adventure. Me and Steve learned and discovered about classic cocktails of all times in a way we never thought we would. For me the best visit was heading to Havana and sipping on a sour Mojito where we bantered with the bar men and trying to crack a save.

Which classic drink would you of loved to travel back in time to when it was first invented?

Book your adventure back in time

Timeless Bar
Sidworth Street
E8 3SD

Cocktail Time Machine invites guests back in time and space to enjoy some of the world’s greatest cocktails at the moment of their inception. During the 75-minute experience, guests will be transported through three decades and countries via three different, delicious, era-defining cocktails. With tickets priced from £36. 

Cocktail Time Machine is for everyone! Ideal for groups celebrating an occasion or a fun alternative to your average date night. A great activity for Hens and Stags all round too! 

For a limited time to celebrate the launch of their new immersive bar experience, you can get 20% off use this discount code TIME20

Click here to book and discover more about Funicular Productions.

Thank you to Funicular Productions for the time travel pub crawl experience like no other.

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