The Chocolate Cocktail Club a choc lovers heaven lick the rim

If you love chocolate as much as I do and a cheeky tipple or two then The Chocolate Cocktail Club is a must as each drink, is CHOCOLATE THEMED.

I was luckily enough to be invited down on a complimentary basis to sample their choccy drinks along with my husband, how could we say no.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club pop up

The Chocolate Cocktail Club is run by two ambitious ladies who love of all things chocolate, after exploring different chocolate cocktails from around the world, they decided to pop up with their own bar in the UK but with drinks all focusing on chocolate.

After holding four amazing sold out pop-ups in Covent Garden, Brighton and Shoreditch they have returned this time in Farringdon Leather Lane until 25 April.

Plus their Cocktail Chocolate Club can be booked for private events, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, hen-do’s, house parties, summer cocktail parties, engagements, anniversaries, Christmas parties basically any event you would like to sweetened.

Chocolate heaven

Arriving at the quaint Good & Proper Tea cafe I was warmly greeted. Sat at our table for the night and looking over the menu full of mouth-watering chocolatey cocktails from creamy to cool and refreshing, it was hard to choose especially as each drink is also garnished with a sweet treat to get your taste buds tantalised.

The night is set out over 90 minute time slots and can be booked giving you time to sit back relax and order some of their chocolatey indulgent drinks of delight.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club bar

Without needing to line up at a bar instead your order is taken at your table instead making it a very relaxed experience.

Upon gazing over the menu we were given a welcome drink called A Chocotini which is made using Chocolate liqueur, dark creme de cacao, soya chocolate milk and came with a Rolo.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club

It was very creamy and indulgent.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club me lick

Plus I just had to lick the rim!

All the drinks on the menu had a variety of mouth watering drinks making it very hard to choose but after a little time I soon decided on The Porn Stars Best Friend. It consisted of Vanilla vodka, white chocolate syrup and passion fruit and came with a lump of white chocolate.

It looked amazing and tasted amazing. The passion fruit gave the creamy drink that sweet sharpness making it ever so moorish.

My husband Jason opted for The Golden Ticket to Caramel Kingdom which is made using salted caramel liqueur, chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao and chocolate soya milk. It came with a piece of fudge.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club

A caramel chocolatey delight.

For my next cocktail I chose the Raspberry Ripple which contained Motzart white chocolate liqueur, white creme de cacao and raspberry syrup. It came with a raspberry chocolate. I just had to watch this one being made.

This drink was creamy, milky and had that hint of raspberry. The rim was a sour delight of raspberry sherbet giving the whole drink that extra zing. Just had to lick it!

Jason next opted for Mint to Be which consisted of Baileys Luxe, creme de menthe, white creme de cacao, chocolate soya milk and chocolate bitters. This cocktail came with an After Eight.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club

Was like drinking an After Eight which had been melted. Creamy and indulgent.

Just don’t forget to lick the rim of your cocktails!

These drinks were all so great and I totally agree with this poster.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club poster

All their cocktails were bliss and certainly are the best ever chocolate cocktails I have ever had. Some tasted like an alcoholic milkshake and some tasted like pure melted chocolate in a glass with a hint of alcohol but all were very light, creamy and ever so refreshing. Also it was great to discover that all their cocktails used soya milk making it safe for vegans. I reckon if your not a lightweight like me it would be very easy to get through many of these drinks without thinking about the alcohol.

Finishing off the night before our 90 minute time slot was over we had a Chocolate and Rum shot each which was gorgeous, creamy but yet powerful.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club shots

If during your time at The Chocolate Cocktail Club you don’t fancy a cocktail you can always opt for a chocolate beer, chocolate wine, chocolate G&T or a normal bottle of beer, glass of prosecco or some other traditional drinks instead.


The Chocolate Cocktail Club, without doubt wins provide the most delicious chocolately cocktails I have ever had.

Perfect place to pop on in for a date night, a pre-drinking pit stop or a night out with your friends.

What’s not to love…Chocolate and Cocktails!

Quench your Chocolate thirst

Good & Proper Tea
(evenings Thur-Sat The Chocolate Cocktail Club)
96 Leather Lane

The Chocolate Cocktail Club is open Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday throughout the day.

Tickets cost £9.00 + booking fee, with this you will receive a Classic Chocotini cocktail Tickets, and table service. Additional drinks cost from £3 plus.

Get your tickets to the chocolate dream house here

Note: Walk-in’s are welcomed but not guaranteed

Thank you to The Chocolate Cocktail Club for inviting me and my husband down for a pure chocolate heaven of chocolate cocktails.

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