A look back at March 2020 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which I and various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during March 2020 on a gifted complimentary basis.

Cinnamon Kitchen – Holi celebration

Cinnamon Kitchen brings all it’s diners evolved, modern Indian food within relaxed surroundings and can be found in the City, Battersea Power Station and Oxford.

Every year in March Chef Vivek Singh celebrates Holi by constructing a pop up outside his restaurant in Devonshire Square providing those wishing to celebrate Holi bags of colour to throw at each other.

Cinnamon Kitchen Holi us

“A welcome burst of fluorescence following London’s bleak and blustery winter, Holi is a time where families traditionally gather together and cover each other in coloured paint.”
March 2020

Niken Instagram post

I and other community members of Love Pop Ups London we have gone along to a variety of Chef Vivek Singh’s restaurants under his Cinnamon Kitchen brand but this March I and some other members of LPUL we went along to his restaurant Cinnamon Kitchen in Devonshire Square to celebrate Holi and we had a blast. Read all our write ups via clicking here.

The Adventure is Real

Take your mind on an adventure. Gather between 3 to 6 adventurers, and enjoy a 3 hour immersive board game experience like no other! but beware decisions you make, and the actions you take will result in either your victory or death.

The Adventure is Real us

“As with most RPGs, we were free to make any decisions along the way, taking whatever route we wanted, interacting with the non-player characters in any way we saw fit.”
March 2020

Bianca blog post or Instagram post

I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we took our minds to another world where we encountered goblins and evil. Click here to read our write ups.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club

The Chocolate Cocktail Club is run by two ambitious ladies who love of all things chocolate, after exploring different chocolate cocktails from around the world, they decided to pop up with their own bar in the UK but with drinks all focused on chocolate.

Just don’t forget to lick the rim.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club me lick

“It looked amazing and tasted amazing. The passion fruit gave the creamy drink that sweet sharpness making it ever so moorish.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post

I and my husband we enjoyed an array of delicious heavenly chocolate cocktails. Click here to read our write ups.

Hilton Tower Bridge TwoRuba – Cocktail Masterclass

TwoRuba is a bar area where you can drink expertly crafted cocktails and tuck into creative small plates all within this this sophisticated bar and lounge. TwoRuba brings a dash of glamour and lashings of luxury to Hilton Tower Bridge. TwoRuba also offers trusted favourites including old and new world wines, a wide selection of bottled beers, carefully hand-picked Champagnes and an international mixture of spirits.

They also hold many events from jazz nights to DJ nights check out their upcoming events by clicking here.

In March I went along with some members of LPUL to create some amazing tasty cocktails by an expert mixologist.

TwoRuba us of Love Pop Ups London

“We learnt how to make the VIBRANT Mai Tai and Ratterwick under the guidance of the brilliant Liam and we were so delighted to be introduced to Chase Distillery grapefruit and pomelo gin.”
March 2019 Two Ruba cocktail masterclass

Yan Instagram post

I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we have visited Hilton Tower Bridge and TwoRuba on many occasions but this March we went along to TwoRuba to flip some cocktails in the air to make some cocktails. Click here to read our write ups.

Halo Burger 

Halo burger is one of the top vegan fast food joints within London which provide customers great plant based burgers.

This March for one month within their Shoreditch branch they are giving customers the very first ever vegan Katsu Burger in the UK designed by MasterChef winner Tim Anderson and Ross Forder founder of Halo Burger. The burger is inspired by his new book Vegan JapanEasy: Classic & modern vegan Japanese recipes to cook at home (Hardie Grant, £22). Tim Anderson has Japanified the classic Halo burger, using key Japanese flavours to create an authentic twist on tradition giving people of the UK a taste of Japana and Halo combined.  ­

Halo Burger

“Have you ever had a vegan burger before which was packed full of flavour? No well nor had I until today when I popped into Halo Burger and munched down on their Vegan Katsu Cheeseburger.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London Instagram post

I went along to try Halo Burger limited edition Vegan Katsu Cheeseburger created by Tim Anderson. Click here to discover more and read my write up.

Laboratorio Pasta

Pizza Fritta is a Neapolitan Street food that never quite taken off outside Napes but extremely popular with locals.

The concept is simple and is a little like a calzone. We seal the topping between two layers of pizza dough and deep fried it until crispy.

See their stories at via clicking here.

A number of community members of Love Pop Ups London tucked into pizza at the newly opened Laboratorio Pizza. Click here to read further.

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