Online fun March 2020 – Coronavirus won’t beat us!

During these hard times with restaurants, theatres, pop ups, schools, etc closed down there have been many online events.

This March I enjoyed magic online via Paul Regan, got arty with Art Sippers and had some fun cooking along to one of UK Supperclubs cuisine challenges.

Paul Regan loves to have fun and bring humour to his audience as well as stun his audience with his slick, stylish and sophisticated magic.

Paul is a member of the magic circle and he can bring a touch of mischief to any party, wedding, or corporate event. His disarming mix of mind-bending effects and easy-going inclusiveness ensure that whatever the occasion, it won’t just be memorable, it’ll be magical.

When we are back to normality be sure to hire him for your next party.

Click here to book and discover more.

I also tried my hand at art again with the wonderful people who run Art Sippers. I have been to Art Sippers before who normally pop up in various pubs in London but this time I done it via their LIVE stream on Instagram.

Can you guess what this animal is of?

Discover what my animal is of via clicking here.

Art Sippers are run by Elliot & Josie who are a creative and dynamic couple who have worked in the events and promotions sector for over 15 years combined. Successfully running nationwide pop-up stores and product launches for various well-known brands. Their vision is to relieve people of their daily stress and anxiety through engaging, social, art events.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus they will be holding classes online for the feasible future every Friday at 7pm for FREE until the coronavirus has gone as to give those who love art or love to try their hand at heart some light relive at home.

Put down your phone, turn of your TV, and get arty with Art Sippers, does not matter if you haven’t any paint as you can use pens, pencils or crayons instead.

Discover more about Art Sippers click here.

As for those who love cooking UK SupperClubs who usually advertise about supperclubs over the UK are holding special weekly virtual supperclub cookery challenges. Every week Rumbie of UK Supperclubs will be putting you through a different culinary challenge with a different cuisine weekly.

Rumbie set up UK Supperclubs few years back as she is passionate about cooking, loves good food and connecting people.

What are supperclubs though? They are generally a pop-up restaurant that has a popped up for one night only. So unlike your usual restaurant experience, each supperclub has a different theme / cuisine and is more of a dining social experience. Usually held in a home or popped up for a night in either a cafe or restaurant.

As this coronavirus has prevented people from meeting each other due to the outbreak and safety UK Supperclubs have have come up with their new concept of #VitualSupperclubs online for those who love to cook the opportunity to show your own culinary skills to each other via socials and Zoom meet ups.

The other week it was all about Italian cuisine so I cooked this Italian dish from Gino Cookery dish which was very tasty.

Just be sure to share your photo of your dish tagging @UKSUpperClubs and #VirtualSupperclubs so Rumbie can see your culinary creations and share.

Plus she is also holding LIVE social gatherings online via Zoom weekly.

When we are back socialising out and about be sure to email her if you are looking for your next supperclub to be advertised on

What are you doing to entertain yourself whilst in confined to the house?

To stay informed of streamed and LIVE online experiences for coming months check out my page SHOUT OUT – DISCOUNTS AND MORE.

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