Quench your thirst with Dalston’s British fruity soda

Dalston’s sell a range of drinks from Sodas, Seltzers & Alcohol Free G&Ts which all of their drinks use real ingredients, are vegan friendly, use no sweeteners and are British.

I was gifted a few of their seltzer drinks to taste which are all ideal for anyone wanting to cut down on sugar and watching their calories but yearning for sweetness.


They don’t compromise on quality when it comes to their drinks. They use real ingredients from British blush Rhubarb to Sicilian whole oranges and lemons. All of their recipes are developed from scratch, in-house, by their founder.

All Dalstons drinks have:

  • NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS so you won’t find any nasties in them. 
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY making it suitable for soda loving vegans.
  • ALL CANS ARE FULLY RECYCLABLE as they use 100% recyclable materials.

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Seltzer cans of goodness

Recently I have been diagnosed in being in the danger zone of becoming a diabetic but I love fizzy drinks so when I heard about Dalston’s seltzer sodas which have no added sugar I was so happy as it meant I could still enjoy a great soda without the risk of consuming sugar.

What is seltzer though you might be asking? Seltzer are artificial carbonation water. Sparkling seltzer water is a great way to stay hydrated especially if you’re not in the mood for regular water. Dalston’s adds that extra flavour though to their seltzer drinks by adding fruity flavours from real fruit.

Soda with Soul

The sodas arrived in a very cool box making me think back to the 80’s when we had boom boxes.

Within my box of soda it contained three different fruity seltzer drinks.

The cans are so pretty and colourful but the beauty about these sodas are that they are vegan friendly, contain no sugars, no sweetners and are low in calories.

Fruity seltzers

Dalston’s Elderflower Seltzer was a real delight with a subtle flavour of Elderflower making it very refreshing. However the beauty about this soda is that it is under 20 calories, no added sugar, no sweeteners and vegan friendly.

The Elderflower they use comes from the Welsh border and is squeezed and then added to the sparkling spring water along with apple juice. Then the soda is placed into recyclable cans which use 100% recyclable materials.

Dalston’s Rhubarb Seltzer was a real treat with a lovely taste of rhubarb making it a real summery delight on the tongue. Again this soda contains under 20 calories, no added sugar, no sweeteners and vegan friendly.

The rhubarb is crafted from real British blush rhubarb juice, a dash of apple juice, hint of blackcurrant juice and added distilled botanical’s (natural flavours) along with sparkling water giving a clean refreshing taste.

Dalston’s Cherry Seltzer is bursting with a strong cherry flavour. The soda smelt and tasted a bit like the cherry glazed cherries which you can buy in shops. I don’t like the glazed cherries but this soda was heavenly resulting in a strong taste and gave a fab taste which I personally will buy again. The soda is under 40 calories, has no added sugar, no sweeteners and vegan friendly.

This distilled botanical uses real juice from sweet & sour cherries, apple juice and sparkling water.

Plus this cherry one is their newest soda in their collection and it is a hit with me.

Thank you to Dalstons for the great taste.


All of Dalstons packaging to the cans all have a wow factor to them.

With the seltzers I especially loved how the can on the back was very informative in a funky way. All the seltzers were delicious. Plus was also wonderful to learn that all were low in calories, used British ingredients and vegan friendly. I would certainly be buying these in the future.

Buy Dalston’s

Dalston’s Soda Co
33 Queen Street

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Thanks to Dalston’s for sending me a range of your soulful seltzers. The drinks were given to me on a complimentary basis but all views are my own honest opinion.

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