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Recently I have been diagnosed with being classed of being on the verge of becoming a diabetic however I love cakes and anything sweet so I was as you can imagine upset that I would potentially have to give my treats up. However I was lucky enough to come across Yummzy who kindly sent me some of their cakes on a complimentary basis which are all safe for diabetics to eat.


The founder of Yummzy from a young age had to change her diet as she became diabetic at the age of five. So she had to learn about nutrition’s, so she could carry on enjoying treats.

With diabetes and obesity becoming the fastest growing health threats, stress and lifestyle causing more people to develop intolerance’s and requiring special diets, it only seemed natural for her to come up with something that those with special dietary requirements or health conscious individuals like herself could still enjoy, without compromise.

She has revolutionised her cakes by making them healthy, sugar free, gluten free, and vegan friendly.

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Read further about all the nutritional information by clicking here in how she is able to make healthy her cakes nutritionally correct.

Yum yum Yummzy cakes of delight

Yummzy homemade cakes came packaged in a brown box with writing on each corner stating what the desserts were along with a doughnut in a brown paper bag resulting with all the packaging being recyclable safe.


Upon unpacking the cakes they all looked fabulous and smelt so good.

It was then on with the taste.

The Maple Pecan Muffin was a sweet sensation. The cake was a little denser to a normal sponge cake but the flavouring of the maple and pecan was a true delight with a sweet nutty and buttery flavor.

The ingredients consisted of almond flour, pecan, coconut flour, coconut yogurt, vegan milk, baking powder, apple cider vinegar, erythritol, stevia, unsweetend maple tree & vanilla extracts, coconut oil, chia seed, psyllium husk, sunflower butter and sea salt.

The Strawberry Glazed Doh’nut did not just look pretty but also tasted divine. The doughnut was a little dense not airy and fluffy but that did not matter as the taste was a true sensation. The strawberry icing was from strawberry extract and the strawberry sprinkles gave it a lovely summery taste.

The ingredients consisted of almond flour, baking powder, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, vegan milk, no added sugar vanilla extract, erythritol, stevia, coconut, psyllium husk, no added sugar strawberry extract, dried strawberry sprinkles, and sea salt.

The Berry Lemony had a zesty flavour from the lemon used for the cake and a icing was creamy and had a lovely flavour of cheery subtle not too strong. Very summery.

The ingredients consisted of almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, vegan milk, lemon juice, lemon extract, sunflower butter, psyllium husk, stevia, coconut yogurt, erythritol, morello cherry, extract and sea salt.

The ChocoMel had a lovely chocolatey and caramel flavour running all the way through this cake. I loved the different layers which made it feel a little like I was eating a Millionaires shortbread but was in the safe knowledge I was eating a cake that was far healthier. A real sweet treat.

The ingredients consisted of almond flour, erythritol, stevia, gum arabic, coconut oil, cacao, baking powder, sunflower butter, no added sugar vanilla extract, natural coconut yogurt, caramel extract, sugar free & vegan dark chocolate and sea salt.

The Triple Choco Heart Muffin was a choc lovers delight. The cake was spongier that all the other cakes I tried previously and the chocolate hit my taste buds on every level with that hint of coffee. The cream icing was buttery and a real hit as well as giving that lovely taste of chocolate satisfying my craving of chocolate and sweetness.

The ingredients consisted of almond flour, milled chia seed, psyllium husk, cacao, coconut flour, ground coffee, baking powder, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, erythritol, stevia, no added sugar vanilla extract, vegan milk, natural coconut yogurt, sunflower butter and sea salt.

The beauty about all of Yummzy cakes were though that it was lovely to know that all were low carb, gluten free, vegan friendly, contained no added sugar and high in protein. Plus you can store any of the cakes up to 5 days in the fridge so you can treat yourself throughout each night of the working week with a dessert / cake which is low carb, gluten free, vegan friendly, no added sugar and high in protein, result!


All of Yummzy homemade cakes were a delight full of safe healthy sweet goodness, looked stunning, fresh and tasted amazing.

As someone who is concerned about their health these cakes I would highly recommend.

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Thanks to Yummzy for sending me a selection of your homemade cakes. The cakes were given to me on a complimentary basis but all views are my own honest opinion.

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