The Panic Room CSI Grounded who killed Avery Stone and why?

The Panic Room CSI Grounded is about the murder of Agent Stone which took place on a plane. I and some other members of Love Pop Ups London were given the task in helping with the investigation in hand to solve who killed Avery Stone and why?

The Panic Room

The Panic Room was set up few years back in Gravesend by a married couple who loved escape rooms and are now one of UK’s Largest Escape Room venues! and have been honoured back in 2017, 2018 & 2019 by TripAdvisor for Excellence, winning 2 Golden Key awards back in 2017 & 2018 and won the Gravesham Business Awards in 2018!

Now offering over 20 different experiences to choose from, there truly is something for everyone with each room having a different experience level.

Your goal with each mission is simple get out before 60 minutes, seek out clues, solve the puzzles and challenges all around you.

Question is with any of their games can you and your team work together to uncover the secrets hidden within and all under an hour?

CSI Grounded who killed Avery Stone?

Courtesy of The Panic Room we was given a mission to play online at home to help solve who killed Avery Stone and why? He was mysteriously poisoned on a flight he took, but the question is was it it someone on board and if so who and why?

We each loaded the mission on our screens and connected via House Party so we could communicate with each other as we worked together to crack codes to open up new evidence and try to solve who killed Avery Stone and what the motive was.

Upon us each entering the access code, the mission was soon underway. We learned that the murder had taken place on an airplane during mid flight. Thus the flight had to be redirected and all passengers became suspects. Looking over all the evidence we had to determine who, how, and why!

We did not get off to a great start I must admit as we struggled in getting the mission started but once we finally figured it out, OK that’s a lie when we used all the clues and then resulted to asking for the answer we soon got the mission started. We had to navigate through a succession of puzzles to get pass codes to be able to open up new pieces of evidence to gain further insight to what happened on the flight and to unravel the mystery. With each puzzle, there was a sequence of clues available for any help if we needed it and even an answer button if you truly got stuck. Apart from the first one we did not have to resort to getting any of the other answers but did have to use a few clues here and there to help solve the puzzle in hand. I loved how the puzzles were all completely different and how there were videos involved keeping us entertained.

The game really did keep us guessing and intrigued all the way throughout.

After 1 hour and 15 minutes we eventually helped uncover the murderer in the end, plus why they done it and was then awarded with a celebratory video, victory!


This game was a thrilling adventure which kept us all entertained from start to finish with a variety of puzzles and videos from the suspects. I loved also the fact we could each play at the same time and enter the codes each on our own devices rather than one of us having it open and screen share.

I would highly recommend this mission if you love puzzles which involves a lot of maths as most of them were quite mathematical and there is plenty of codes to unlock so if you love maths and code cracking it’s a win win.

The Panic Room Room book

The Panic Room
7 Berkley Crescent
DA12 2AH

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Thank you to The Panic Room for recruiting me and some of the detectives of Love Pop Ups London in to help solve who killed Avery Stone from the comfort of our own homes.

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