Agent November Virtual X Caper mission to rescue

Calling all agents! The Museum of Secrets has been robbed! The security guard has been murdered! International jewel thief Robyn has escaped with precious artefacts, including the priceless Pandora Diamond! Plus an EMP device has been planted at the scene, threatening to wipe out all of our communications! Agent November was hot on the trail but shock horror Agent November then accidentally got himself captured!

I and some of my other agents from Love Pop Ups London were requested to help rescue Agent November who had been kidnapped.

Agent November

Agent November let’s you become a spy living out your childhood fantasy.

With any of their missions you and your group of recruits will be taken on an adventure escape game experience. Each mission you’ll have one of the skilled agents from Agent November to assist you along the way.

Murder Mr E, Major X Ploe-Shun, Robyn Yew and their virtual game Virtual X Caper

With all their timed puzzle solving experiences both indoor and outdoor you will come away on a high.  

Question is have you got what it takes to be a spy, can you work as a team, can you solve tasks to prevail?

The rescue of Agent November by LPUL

We were called to help rescue Agent November from both murderer and jewel theft.

We learnt that

“The Museum of Secrets has been robbed! The security guard, Mr. E,  has been murdered! International jewel thief Robyn Yew has escaped with precious artefacts, including the Pandora Diamond!

An EMP device, designed by Major X Ploe-Shun, was planted at the scene, and threatens to wipe out the museum records!

Agent November was hot on the trail of Robyn Yew, hoping that she would lead him straight to our nemesis, Marty Orri. Sadly, Marty Orri was one step ahead of us and Agent November has been captured!

He is now being held at the headquarters of Marty Orri. Fortunately, Agent November has been fitted with experimental cybernetic implants, meaning we can see what he sees and hear what he hears.”

Time for the rescue

With us being trapped indoors due to the outbreak of Covid-19 the only way we could take on the mission to help rescue Agent November was via communication devices.

So we all set ourselves up via Zoom so we could all interlink together from within our own homes and luckily as Agent November was wearing a communication device which we could also communicate with him and hear and seeing everything around him.

Agent November was locked up within the headquarters of super criminal Marty. He had been drugged up so he was unable to think straight so we had to assist him to escape. However with just 60 minutes before Marty returned, time was of the essence. First thing was to get Agent November free from the handcuffs which bound him to the radiator. So we got him to look around the room and we soon discovered the hidden key. It was then up to us to guide him through Marty’s headquarters to solve many puzzles to code cracking locks which led to more clues and challenges but after time with just 1 minute & 20 seconds left we managed to get him to safety.

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I loved this virtual yet real life escape mission. Think escape game and a classic 90’s adventure point & click game where you navigate your character through the action and decide which steps to take.

I enjoyed navigating Agent November along with my agents from room to room solving a variety of puzzles to code crack locks and then eventually leading him to his safety.

Note that this mission Virtual X Caper is a game designed for up to 6 people. However if you book and there are less than 6 of you, you might be joined by other super sleuths on a mission to help rescue Agent November. ​​

I would highly recommend this game if you love immersive interaction, live actors, challenges, escape rooms and 90’s classic point & click game then you will love this. Become James Bond undercover!

Agent November book

Their missions take place at various locations around Bloomsbury, London.

Book any of Agent November indoor and outdoor games via clicking here.

Book Virtual X Caper play at home mission via clicking here.

Thank you to Agent November for recruiting me and some other agents of Love Pop Ups London to take on the important mission of rescuing Agent November.

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