BeeHype honey is un-BEE-lievable

Honey, honey how you thrill me, aha, honey, honey I just need all your BeeHype honey in my tummy.

I was gifted two jars of BeeHype unique raw honey to try at home and what a sweet sensation.


Stela and Mo two young entrepreneurs launched BeeHype back in July 2019. They both share a love for natural foods and healthy living learnt. At a young age they got to taste honey straight from the hive which they loved. However nowadays it’s becoming harder and harder to find high quality natural foods and that’s what inspired them to set up BeeHype.

Their raw honey and raw honey preserves are all carefully hand-picked from Bulgaria. Why? as their mission is to prove the most healthy natural food which can also taste incredibly delicious!

BeeHype honey information

BeeHype honey is made by hard-working bees in the pristine forests and meadows of Bulgaria and is responsibly sourced from trusted beekeepers. They regularly test the honey for pesticides, water content and antibiotics to ensure what they provide in each jar is only the purest and most delicious raw honey.

How is the raw honey made?

Plants produce nectar and pollen, which bees collect and take to their hive, process it into honey and store it inside the honeycomb. Beekeepers harvest the excess from the hive and strain it to remove foreign particles like beeswax or honeycomb from the precious golden liquid. Once done, it usually is poured in jars and sold locally. An additional step in the process is testing the end product to ensure it meets the latest EU food safety regulations for water and sugar content and antibiotics residue.

Honey, Honey

Upon receiving the honey through the post I loved how it was lovingly packaged using in eco-friendly paper which looked like honeycomb. All the packaging was actually 100% reusable and recyclable, as they are conscious about the planet and the environment. As a safe planet equals a healthy environment as well as healthy bees (and tasty honey!).

I opted to try the It’s Nuts and Jammin honey all which equally looked as sweet.

It’s Nuts

This honey jar as you can see is jam packed with mixed nuts (cashews, almonds, pecans and walnuts) all of which are immersed in pure acacia honey.

I decided to combine my honey jar of It’s Nuts honey with 3.1 Concorde cheese by Alex James The Cheese Man and former band member of Blur. I decided on this cheese as of it’s pure white colour to enhance the look of the honey, along with it’s mild and creamy consistency. Plus Carr’s crackers for it’s delicious delicate flavour and crunch.

It was a little hard to get out due to the nuts but once out looked amazing with it’s pure golden colour.

The raw honey perfectly complemented the cheese a marriage made in heaven. Provided earthy tones from the nuts, sweetness from the raw acacia honey and a variety of textures.

Not only though did this honey look and taste amazing leaving my taste buds buzzing with sheer delight so it is great to know that it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and protein for a well-rounded and balanced diet!

Jammin is packed with acacia honey and real strawberries.

With my jar of Jammin I decided to make a simple vanilla cheesecake by using a no cook recipe from GoodFood Magazine online.

Jammin is packed with real strawberries and honey and pouring over the cheesecake you could see the lovely golden colour of the honey. The honey and strawberries gave the cheesecake that extra edge leaving an explosion of pure honey and strawberry sweetness hitting the taste buds along. I especially loved how the strawberries had a chewy texture.

However if you don’t like cheesecake you can alternatively add to yogurt, spread it on toast, pour it over ice cream, add in a crepe or just on it’s own.

What makes this jam though special compared to any other jams is that this one is not full of refined sugar, as this one is jam packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants all thanks to the raw acacia honey.


Both honey’s were really great giving my taste buds a real buzz. The honey ranges from £6.99 to £8.99 so even though a tad more expensive than the ones you can buy from the shops these are worth forking out for as the raw honey tastes so pure, silky, smooth and sweet, not dusty or chalky in anyway.

So if you are looking for pure rich clean honey then I highly recommend BeeHype.

Indulge in a jar of honey

Buy all their honeys online. The honey range start from £6.99 plus.

Here is a list of all their honeys available to buy:
Lavish Lavender
It’s Nuts!
Special Acacian
Dreamy Creamy

Discover further about BeeHype via clicking here.

Thank you BeeHpye for the delicious honey I was left buzzing on a high after eating them. I was gifted the jars on a complimentary basis but all views are my own honest opinion.

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