My GF Bakery bread made easy

Have you ever always wanted to make bread but a bit too scared as the whole process from kneading to baking?

Then worry no more as My GF Bakery makes it easy with their all in one flour mixes and simple instructions.

I was gifted two packets of sourdough to make at home courtesy of My GF Bakery which helped a lot as at present during lockdown because of Covid 19 I have found it hard to buy flour to make any kind of bread.

My GF Bakery

Rana discovered at a young age that she had Coeliac Disease which made her tired, bloated, digestion issues, and irritability to name a few. As such she had to change her diet to gluten free. However she found it hard to get crusty bread, and it was the thing that she most missed. With this she came up with a solution to make her own along with her friend Alexander making it their mission to provide a wide selection of gluten free, artisan sourdough products. By employing traditional fermentation techniques, they use the finest ancient grains to ensure that their sourdough is packed with nutrients and full of flavour. With a real focus on quality and taste, all of their bread is hand-crafted using responsibly sourced ingredients. They are extremely proud of what they have achieved.

Homemade Sourdough Bread made easy

I was gifted two packets of sourdough one for making a loaf and the other to make flatbread. I loved how they came in lovely brown paper bags.

Super Sourdough

The sourdough blend is for making loafs or rolls and following the easy instructions I soon had my dough ready and after 80 minutes of baking my bread was done.

It just involved mixing water within the flour mix, stirring, leaving to stand for 5 minutes, stirring again, moulding the shape, and baking.

The smell once it came out of the oven was gorgeous had a nutty smokey tone and looked beautifully golden and had a lovely crust. However the inside was a little under cooked unfortunately but maybe I needed to leave it in a little longer in my oven as ovens can vary so beware but non the less tasted amazing.

Flatbread Sourdough Blend

The flatbread sourdough is ideal for making flatbreads or even pizza bases in quick time.

It just involved measuring 50g of flour, mixing water within the flour mix, stirring, leaving to stand, stirring again, flattening out on parchment paper, then cooking in a frying pan for 6 minutes on each side or in over for 10 minutes. Each bag can make 5 flatbreads.

Smelt nutty and looked amazing I served it along with my curry from Old Chang Kee which I am reviewing their frozen curries which can be ordered to cook at home.


Both bread flours were very simple to make and cook and without the need of proofing made it a dream as I hate waiting. However if you don’t like baking or cooking at all then you can alternatively order bread already made by My GF Bakery instead.

My GF Bakery order

The Gluten Free Bakery
4 Print Village
58 Chadwick Road
SE15 4PU

The products available to order are as follows

Discover more via clicking here.

Thank you to My GF Bakery for the flour to give me the opportunity to bake my own sourdough bread. My views are of my own honest opinion.

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