NHS Hero Song Covid-19 help support

Simon Gross and celeb friends got together and made a single to help raise funds for the NHS called Hero Song Covid-19 which can be purchased via Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and iTunes for 99p.

Simon Gross says

“The word celebrity goes to the NHS for they are now the celebrities as they stand out for all their hard work”

Simon and the others got involved as they are all truly passionate about the NHS and plus these are some of the heart warming reasons why they wanted to get involved.

Alex Reid – His mother suffers with Alzheimer’s Disease and has always admired the support from the NHS. Plus his fiancee’s step mother who is 63 is a nurse at the NHS working hard in who could of retired but she chose to carry on and fight Covid-19.

Amanda Barrie – As she thinks what the NHS is doing is just wonderful and wants to show her appreciation by contributing in taking part to help raise funds for the NHS by recording a heart warming song with her other celeb friends.

Jess Impiazzi – She got involved as she is passionare about the NHS for all they are doing and a special thanks to them as her father suffers with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia and they have always done a wonderful job in looking after him.

But ultimately all have got involved as they all see the NHS nurses through to doctors as heroes!!!

Here is a link to Spotify where you can buy the song from.

Plus a moving video of the heart warming song which shows all the hard work which the NHS are taking on during these hard uncertain times.

We will beat Covid-19 together, stay home and stay safe.

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