Sweet Nothing Bakehouse brownies are sweetness and delight

I’m not usually a lover of brownies, but Sweet Nothing Bakehouse has changed my mind as their brownies are full of sweetness and delight.

I was gifted a selection of brownies to indulge on during this difficult period of being in lock down due to Covid-19.

Sweet Nothing Bakery

Firstly let me tell you a bit about Sweet Nothing Bakehouse who are an independent artisan bakery based in South East London, who specialise in bespoke cakes for private and corporate clients.

Beth Cardy the owner and founder transformed a horse trailer into a glorious pink dessert van in which she serves up a manner of sweet delights and a variety of brownies.

Plus if you are celebrating something special or your just want to congratulate someone or say I love you, you can count on the Sweet Nothing Bakehouse to deliver your sweet treats with a special touch.

For a bespoke quote or general enquiries click below.

Brownies full of sweetness and delight

At present her van is not open as of the Covid-19 situation, so I was gifted some brownies courtesy of Beth through the post. I was impressed how well it was tightly packed within a brown cardboard box and wrapped in lovely paper which had her logo printed all over it.

Once opening the box I was hit immediately by the smell of sweet chocolate and I just could not resist but to eat them straight away.

The three brownies I received to enjoy was of a Classic Chocolate Brownie, Biscoff Brownie and a Stem Ginger Brownie.

The Classic Chocolate Brownie was a delight. It was chocolatey, fudgy and moist which I was highly surprised considering made the other day, not dry at all. The best I have ever eaten.

Starting from £5.50 you can order them in boxes of 3, 6 or 10.

Biscoff Brownie again fudgy, chocolatey and filled with lashings of irresistibly moreish Lotus Biscoff spread. These are Sweet Nothing Bakehouse favourite brownies and I can see why as they are a sweet hit.

Starting from £6.00 you can order in boxes of 3, 6 or 10.

Stem Ginger Brownie is very similar to the classic chocolate brownie but filled with pieces of candied stem ginger giving it that extra hit. A true delight if you love ginger.

Starting from £6.00 you can order in boxes of 3, 6 or 10.

Note: All their brownies contain milk, eggs and soy beans. Plus may contain traces of gluten, tree nuts, peanuts or sesame due to working environment.

Plus Sweet Nothing Bakehouse sell Cookies and Bespoke Cakes. Find out more about their bespoke cakes via clicking here. Cakes range from £18.00 plus depending on size plus can be filled, covered in a thin layer of whipped buttercream and personalised with toppings.

Yummy brownies

They were all so delicious fudgey, chocolatey and moist. I highly recommend ordering these if you love brownies.

Plus be sure to check out their bespoke cakes which look super yummy.

Sweet Nothing Bakehouse

Click here to see all brownies available for home delivery.

Click here to find out more about their bespoke cakes.

For any queries or orders get in touch via info@sweetnothing.co.uk.

Thank you Sweet Nothing Bakehouse for the ever so moorish brownies. This blog is my own honest opinion.


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