Loxwood Meadworks Pure Mead Honey sweet as can be

Forget wine made from grapes indulge in a glass of Loxwood Meadworks Pure Mead which is made from 100% honey.

I was gifted a bottle of Loxwood Meadworks on a complimentary basis to tantalise my taste buds and for my honest opinion.

Loxwood MeadWorks

Danny the founder of Loxwood Meadworks sold Mead for The Loxwood Joust which is a medieval festival which he runs. During his festivals he noticed how much people loved it, and wondered why no one seems to drink Mead anymore?So with that he bought it back but in a modern way to sell.

Starting from scratch he experimented, tasted, and got designing to create a signature Pure Mead which you see today.

It’s fermented dry, and then back-sweetened with honey, to give the most natural flavour and a delicate sweetness.

Unlike other Mead’s you may have tried before, their Pure Mead is created using 100% honey, fermented dry, and then back-sweetened with honey, giving the most natural flavour and a delicate sweetness.

Sweet as can be

I can’t drink wine as of the fermented grapes used within wines, so when I heard about Loxwood Meadworks Pure Mead which is an alternative version but made out of 100% honey instead.

The packing uses recyclable materials and upon lifting of the honeycomb packaging the deluxe bottle of Luxwood Meadworks was revealed. Looks ever so classy.

The liquid within is a powerful yellow which made me start thinking of the sun and summer holidays.

It is recommended to drink this pure Mead chilled so after chilling it was time to uncork the bottle and I was immediately hit by the smell of pure honey.

The taste was fresh, crisp, delicately sweet, and smooth on the palette. It was simply like drinking pure honey.

Loxwood Meadworks

This drink is great for any occasion be it out in the garden on a warm summer’s day or a cosy night in.


I was highly impressed by this pure Mead and was certainly like no other drink I have ever tasted before with it’s refreshing taste, and smoothness.

If you love love honey, love sweet drinks and are looking for a drink with a difference then I highly recommend Loxwood Meadworks Pure Mead.

Order via Loxwood Meadworks

Enjoy Luxwood Meadworks Pure Mead at home order via clicking here.

A bottle of their crisp, refreshing, pure mead costs just £15 a bottle with 10% of profits donated towards UK bee charities.

Thank you to Loxwood Meadworks for the sweet bottle of Pure Mead. All views are of my own honest opinion.


  1. Being myself a person that cares so much about the bees to fill my garden with flowers to help them…and I am allergic, I find this amazing! I hope to be able to cross the pound soon and come to London, maybe we can meet and hang out!

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