Makan Malaysia enjoy a taste of Malaysia at home

My first ever taste of Malaysian food was back in January this year with Makan Malaysia at one of their supperclubs which they usually hold throughout the year. Kat and Sue who run the Makan Malaysian certainly did surprise me dish after dish that night and certainly did convert me in loving Malaysian food.

However due to Covid-19 they can no longer pop up for a while with one of their amazing supperclubs so at present they are offering a home delivery option so you can enjoy Malaysian food which has been precooked by them within your own home, all that is required is to warm it up at home.

As being a converted fan of Malaysian food and having attended Kat and Sue’s supperclub before earlier in the year they kindly gifted me one of their Makan Besar Bundles to enjoy at home during these hard times.

Makan Malaysia

Makan Malaysia is jointly run by Kat and Sue, who are childhood friends and share a shared passion for food and cooking.

Originally both from Malaysia, they have made the UK their home and share their culinary expertise by organising intimate supper clubs, pop-up dinners, online shops and catering for themed weddings and events.

Did you know that Makan Malaysia means ‘to eat’? and that is why they called their company Makan Malaysia as they love to eat Malaysian food and get others to eat Malaysian cuisine.

Malaysian cuisine…

Malaysian cuisine is the ultimate fusion food.

Think big, bold flavours, complex spice combinations and, of course, The Sambal – a spicy chilli sauce that is served with just about every dish we have!

Malaysian cuisine is influenced by Chinese, Indian, Tamil, Portuguese, Dutch, Arab and Japanese flavours to name a few. Throughout history these communities generally began their migration to Malaysia for it’s geographical benefits and economic opportunities and, in return, they introduced ingredients such as cardamom and peanuts which were combined with local Malaysian grown produce to create the amazing flavours we have today.

At present they are unable to pop up with any supperclubs but instead they are offering home delivery services of their delicious Malaysian food. All their food is made within their kitchen which has a 5* hygiene rating, and with each dish once cooked then cooled they are vacuumed sealed within 4 hours to keep it fresh before sending out for delivery. Also all of their packaging where possible they use planet friendly options which can be reused or recycled.

Taste of Malaysia at home

Alas this year it looks as though none of us from the UK and all over the world will not be able to travel anywhere not even somewhere tropical. Thankfully whilst we have been in lock-down the weather here in the UK has been very sunny which is unusual during the month of May so as to make it feel as if I was away in tropic lands I craved something that little different from your usual Chinese or Indian so when I discovered that Makan Malaysian were doing home deliveries I was excited with joy.

Makan Besar Bundle

Upon opening the bundle I was excited by the different foods within. The bundle consisted of :

  • 1 x Beef Rendang
  • 1 x Chicken Kapitan
  • 1 x Jackfruit and Shiitake Rendang
  • 1 x Tempeh Kapitan
  • 1 x Prawn Fritters (contains 3)
  • 1 x Veggie Fritters (contains 4)

Apart from the fritters they could all be warmed up on the hob or in the microwave. The fritters are to be cooked in the oven for approximately 12 minutes.

To make it feel as if I was away I dressed my outside garden table with a tablecloth (OK a runner folded to create a tablecloth) and got out my fine Denby crockery out and sat in the beaming sun munching and sipping on a cocktail taking my mind to Malaysia.

Each dish was a real delight to all my senses. All curries were set within a coconut curry base and was equally as tasty. Plus the fritters were so crispy and full of flavour each bite was a delight.

The Beef Rendang had a slight heat to it but tasted amazing. The beef was mixed within a tasty coconut curry. Each bite of beef literally melted in the mouth.

The Chicken Kaptain had a slight heat however was very moreish giving a nice hit of tangy tamarind and creamy coconut.

The Jackfruit and Shiitake Rendang had a little kick but the large juicy hunks of tender Jackfruit steeped within the coconut curry soon overcome the heat. Plus the mushroom gave it a real earthiness.

The Tempeh Kaptain is a vegetarians delight full of amazing vegetables from sliced Tempeh, potato and green beans seeped in a warming curry.

The Prawn Fritters are so moorish containing beansprouts, carrots and prawns. Each bite was a dream so juicy and crisp. Great served with sweet chilli or tomato ketchup.

The Veggie Fritters are a mix of carrots, beansprouts, garlic chives and sweetcorn coated with a crisp tumeric batter. So moorish. Great served with sweet chilli sauce.

For this bundle it would cost £30 and can feed up to 4 people. Plus all the dishes were so easy to cook be it on the hob or microwave and the fritters in the oven. Also it was good to learn that all the dishes I enjoyed can all be home frozen if wanted or kept in the fridge.


Every dish was a real tropical delight. My favourite though out of the whole bundle was the prawn and vegetable fritters as they was packed full of flavour and are great even for a snack or lunch treat.

I would highly recommend if you love Malaysian food, food which is a little spicy or for that something different.

Bring the taste of Makan Malaysia to your home

Makan Malaysia

Keep an eye on their upcoming supperclubs (once out of lock-down) via clicking here.

To enjoy a taste of Malaysia at home click here to check out their full range of their curries plus special gifts which you can purchase for home delivery!

Plus my lucky followers you can SAVE A 10% DISCOUNT on food orders by using this special discount code ‘LPUL’.

Thank you to the ladies of Makan Malaysia for the delicious Malaysian feast to enjoy in the comfort and safety of my own home. It was a real delight. All my views are of my own honest opinion.

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