Carn’s Kulfi creamy delight

I love ice cream but surprisingly I have never had Kulfi’s before so when I was gifted an assorted box of Carn’s Kulfi I just had to try and wow I was surprised by the texture and taste. So creamy a real delight.

Carn’s Kulfi

Nasser Khan set up Carn’s Kulfi in 2002 and since then has been selling handmade Kulfi’s which are all made from using an old closely guarded family recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation.

What makes Kulfi’s different to ice cream though? The main difference between ice cream and Kulfi is the texture, and taste. Kulfi is creamier than ice cream as it is usually made by reducing the volume of full cream milk nearly one third to what was its original volume.

Kulfi at home

Upon receiving my assorted box of Kulfi’s from Carn’s Kulfi I was impressed once opening the box by the unique look of the Kulfi lollies.

In total the assorted box contained eight Kulfi lollies (2 x Malai, 2 x Pistachio, 2 x Mango, 1 Honey Rose and 1 Belgium Chocolate).

The Carn’s Malai Kulfi is their signature Kulfi. It was so smooth, creamy, rich, sweet and indulgent but no wonder as it is made purely out of whole milk and double cream only.

The Carn’s Pista Malai is made with pistachios. This Kulfi was creamy but had hits of nutty kernels giving the whole texture a twist with hits of taste of nuttiness from the pistachios.

The Carn’s Aam Malai is made in the same way as their classic but with the additional mango pulp giving it that added fruity sweetness.

The Carn’s Honey Rose is known as the Rolls-Royce of Kulfi with a totally unique flavour. The fermented roses with the honey make this Kulfi a scent infused wonder, as the flavours are powerful and invigorating and makes your palate dance literally.

The Carn’s Cocoa Malai combines the creamy texture with a mini intense explosion of Belgium Chocolate giving a sophisticated and arousing intense pleasure is a chocolate lovers dream.

With all their Kulfi’s NO artificial colours or flavours are used.

Creamy frozen delight

All the Kulfi’s were a sheer delight from each bite. Creamy and smooth and all perfectly well balanced with other flavours. I loved all but my favourite was the pistachio one with the little bites of pistachio throughout.

I highly recommend if you love creamy ice cream and looking for that something a little different and luxurious to enjoy during this summer.

Carn’s Kulfi order yours

Carn’s Kulfi

Buy an assorted box of Kulfi’s or a box of your favourite Kulfi’s. Check out all flavours and pricing via clicking here.

Deliveries are currently being offered within the M25 area.

All orders take around 3 to 5 working days once dispatched from the date the payment is received. 

Order yours now.

Thank you to Carn’s Kulfi for the creamiest ever frozen sweet treat I have ever tasted in my life. All views are of my own honest opinion​.​

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