RIDE Drinks hitch your ride with the taste of fruit

Love a little tipple or two? then you will love RIDE, a 4% alcoholic sparkling water with a hint of natural fruit flavours which are all incredibly refreshing. No artificial flavourings or sweeteners, only 89 calories per can, gluten free and vegan friendly!

I was gifted on a courtesy basis from RIDE Drinks their selection of drinks to enjoy during lock down.  

RIDE Drinks

RIDE Drinks are produced in Allendale Brew Company Ltd, a craft micro brewery, who produce award winning beers.

In the summer of 2019 they discovered a new drink which was taking the U.S. by storm, Hard Seltzer. Giving the fruity alcoholic sparkling water a try they fell in love with it. From this they then started to produce their own Hard Seltzer drinks at home. Keeping away from artificial taste and artificial ingredients they used fruit juice resulting in a tasty, natural drink that is refreshing and not at all sweet and sickly!

What is a hard seltzer drink exactly? Hard seltzer is like sparkling water and is made from carbonated water with alcohol.

RIDE Drinks are crafted and canned in small batches on their premises in the Heart of the Northumbrian Pennines, in the UK.  

Taking the ride

I have never had any kind of hard seltzer sparkling water alcoholic drink before so I knew I was in for a ride with RIDE.

At present they produce four different flavours:

  • Black cherry
  • Blood Orange
  • Persian Lime
  • Mango & Passionfruit

each of which contains 4% alcohol, sparkling water, natural fruit flavours, has just 89 calories per can, gluten free and vegan friendly.

RIDE Black Cherry water has a hint of natural fruit flavours. The drink is really fizzy and sparkling and has a nice clean crisp cherry flavouring making this the perfect drink for any cherry lovers. To me it tasted slightly like the glazed cherries you can buy in supermarkets but in a liquid form with fizz.

RIDE Blood Orange with a hint of natural orange flavouring this drink is super refreshing. Great for anytime.  

RIDE Persian Lime has a zesty sharp tanginess resulting in a fresh clean taste. Perfect to clean the palate after eating or for a sunny hot day.

Ride Mango & Passionfruit sweet from the hint of mango and passionfruit. Zingy.


All the drinks were pure in colour, fresh, fizzy and had that perfect balance from the hint of fruit and alcohol.

Personally I have never been a fan of sparkling flavoured water and never had hard seltzer but RIDE certainly has changed my mind slightly as they were all very tasty and left a refreshing taste in my mouth. The only negative for me personally was that it was too fizzy so to get around that fact I added ice cubes within my drinks but I did like them and would purchase again.

RIDE Drinks purchase yours

Take the ride purchase your drink now

4 mixed cans £10
12 Persian Lime cans £25
12 Mango & Passionfruit cans £25
12 Blood Orange cans £25
12 Black Cherry cans £25

Discover more about RIDE click here.

Thank you to RIDE drinks they certainly are fizzy and fruity. All views and opinions are of my own honest opinion.

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