MARLENKA honey cakes which are BEElicious

MARLENKA are sellers of layered cakes which all contain honey.

On a courtesy basis I was gifted a MARLENKA honey cake with walnuts to enjoy at home.


Back in 1704 Armenian Georgius Deodatus Damascenus founded the first Czech coffee lounge in Prague, named The Golden Snake. Nearly three hundred years later, in 1995, the Armenian Gevorg Avetisyan came to the Czech Republic to settle there with his family. He discovered an old family recipe of the Honey Miracle, which was as a traditional Armenian family recipe of his favourite layered honey cake. Initially, the cakes were baked just for his friends, but later he has been able to offer them to the local coffee shops and confectioners where the honey delicacy quickly gained the great popularity. The fragrant, sweet and soft cake was named after his mother and daughter Marlenka.

In 2012 they decided to bring their MARLENKA honey cake to the UK and set up in Edinburgh.

2015, 2016 & 2017 they won the Great Taste Awards which is the largest and most trusted food and drink awards.

Their aim is to deliver consistently traditional, superior-quality MARLENKA products to the world. 

MARLENKA Honey Cake BEEliss

MARLENKA Honey Cakes are all made from a old family recipe with each cake being unique, rich in taste and great texture.

The ingredients within are all 100% natural and contains no preservatives, artificial, GM ingredients and no alcohol or animal fat.

MARLENKA Honey Cake comes beautifully packaged with a 3D effect. Upon opening the foil packaging which keeps this cake fresh (shelf life 90 days) I was instantly hit by the sweet smell of honey.

The honey cake looks beautiful with it’s layers, there are five layers in fact.

Upon biting into the cake I was overwhelmed by the sweetness and sponginess of the cake. It was pure BEEliss with notes of honey coming through and nuttiness from the nuts and chocolate.

  • Unique, rich taste and texture
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Contains No Preservatives, Artificial or GM Ingredients, No Alcohol or Animal Fat
  • Extremely long Shelf Life 90 days at room temperature from 2 to 24°C
  • Portioning guide: 8 – 16 portions per cake


Even though is a pre-made cake that can be bought online or in store I was very surprised in how fresh it tasted if someone served me this up and I truly would think it was homemade that day as so fresh.

I would certainly recommend if you love sponge, honey and nuts as this is a delight and one that I would possibly buy again. Why do I say possibly? well for just two of us it was a little too much cake. MARLENKA honey cake can serve up to 16 portions. So if I was going to have a group of friends over or a party I would certainly buy again as to impress them as looks classy, smells divine and tastes amazing.

MARLENKA buy now

MARLENKA produce cakes using only carefully selected finest natural ingredients. Any artificial preservatives or colours are never used. All their products are free from alcohol, animal fat or GM ingredients. They also sell gluten-free cakes which are widely available. The entire range has been developed with the extremely long ambient shelf-life due to their unique vacuum and 02 absorbent packaging technology resulting in a unique taste and universal appeal as their products are all complemented with rich flavour and soft consistency.

Honey cake MARLENKA with walnuts
Cocoa honey cake MARLENKA
Lemon honey cake MARLENKA
Honey nuggets MARLENKA
Cocoa honey nuggets MARLENKA
Celebration honey cake MARLENKA
Lemon honey nuggets MARLENKA
Cocoa honey cake MARLENKA
Honey cake MARLENKA
Brazil and Guatemala Coffee MARLENKA
Dark Chocolates MARLENKA
Gluten-free honey cake MARLENKA with nuts
Gluten-free honey nuggets MARLENKA
Chocolate Honey Roll with Raspberries
Honey Roll with Blueberries
MARLENKA Belgian Chocolates – Gift Box

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Thank you to MARLENKA for the most delicious and freshness honey cake I have ever had. All views and opinions are of my own honest opinion.


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