Pirates Grog drink up me earties

Yo ho, Pirates Grog is a pirates life for me as not all gold and silver is treasure as I have discovered the most purest of treasure and that is their Spiced Rum which is liquid gold in my eyes.

I was gifted a delicious sampling of their Pirates Grog Spiced Rum and cocktails from Tapp’d who they have partnered up with. This blog is about them and their Spiced Rum. Read about my thought on the Tapp’d cocktails they sell via clicking here.

Pirates Grog

Pirates Grog is set rum by Gareth and Beth whom live a pirates dream job of producing pure rum.

Within their travels within the Caribbean dancing and drinking with fellow travellers and buccaneers they discovered one thing, one golden, sweet yet fiery potion… Pirate’s Grog. So good, that they sought out the alchemist responsible, and their enquiries led them to ‘The Dutch Pirate’, Robert J. van der Weg an honest, humble and happy man. The Dutch Pirate welcomed them with open arms and a rum in hand… and started a wonderful rum relationship together.

Their rums are golden grog, aged for five years in American oak casks, providing pirates and us the greatest treasure of all pure rum.

Rum is the purest treasure

Pirates Grog

I was gifted a sample bottle of their Pirate’s Grog Spiced which looked so cute and the liquid within looked like pure liquid gold.

X Marks the spot

Pirates Grog

Upon opening this five year old golden spiced rum which has an alcohol content of 37.5% I was immediately hit with aromas of sweet caramel and spice. Upon sipping my taste buds they were immediately hit with an exotic infusion of salt, caramel, and a touch of allspice. Such a smooth liquid gold in a bottle. No wonder it is award-winning.

Yo ho, it’s the pirates life for me.

The other rums in their collection Pirate’s Grog Five Year Aged Rum, Pirate’s Grog No.13 – 13 Year Aged Rum, and Pirate’s Grog Eight Coffee Rum. Plus they sell cocktails by Tapp’d.

Pirates Grog buy now

PIRATE’S GROG are producers / sellers of award winning rums which have won numerous awards for over five years.

Check out their entire range click here.

Thank you Pirates Grog for the most delicious golden rum I have ever tasted. All views and opinions are of my own honest opinion.

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