Chocolate Dino get your gnashers round these Jurassic brownies

Love brownies? then look no further as these monstrous brownies by Chocolate Dino will make all the other brownies you have eaten on in the past extinct.

I was gifted a box of their epic brownies to indulge in whilst trapped at home due to the attack of Covid 19.

Chocolate Dino

Chocolate Dino are producers of handmade 100% Belgian Chocolate brownies which are all unique in look and flavour.

Set up in Spring 2020 by Rafal and Marcin they decided to start selling their monstrous brownies to bring happiness to chocoholics whilst we are all struggling with anxiety due to the hit of Covid 19 resulting in us being stuck at home in lock down. So they vowed to make and pack their brownies with loads of chocolate along with choccy surprises!

Perfecting the most scummiest and velvety chocolate brownies testing and baking from dozens of recipes, and trying different chocolate Chocolate Dino was born.

All their brownies are 100% Belgian couverture married together with mouth-watering Belgian dark, milk, white and orange chocolate chunks. They mix it together with 100% cocoa powder, organic butter, free-range eggs, fair trade golden caster sugar, and just the right amount of flour to make sure our brownies are soft and gooey inside, not caky.

Attack of the brownies

Chocolate Dino

The first brownie Orange is designed in mind for those who love the intense flavour of orange. This dark chocolate brownie is loaded with orange chocolate chunks topped with a piece of Terry’s dark chocolate orange. Intensely orange and chocolatey.

You Drive Me Mangos is for mango and walnut lovers. This dark chocolate brownie which is packed with chocolate chunks, walnuts, and a hint of cinnamon topped with dried mango pieces. Crunchy and yet smooth this brownie is pure chocolate opulence.

Totally Nuts is for those who really like peanut butter as its made from crunchy peanut butter and loaded with a generous amount of milk and white chocolate chunks. Finally topped with a Reese’s peanut butter cup biscuit. A nutty delight.  

The Berries dark chocolate brownie again overloaded with chocolate chunks and layered with raspberries for that zesty freshness, with a hint of peppery basil and a pinch of chilli flakes this brownie certainly does leave a kick in your mouth. Naughty sweetness with that extra punchiness.

Salted is for those lovers of peanut butter as this dark chocolate is packed with chunks of chocolate, contains sea-salted caramel, along with a hint of coffee for a depth of flavour. Finally it is topped with a Dutch Stroopwafel. A salty caramel delight.

Minting-It is an explosion of mintiness. This dark chocolate brownie generously loaded with milk and white chocolate chunks which is mixed together with fresh mint for natural and not overpowering flavour. Finally topped pieces of broken Aero. Mint explosion.


These brownies truly are Jurassic as they are monstrous in flavour and style. In fact I have never seen anything like them in my life making them unique leaving all other brownies extinct as who wants a plain chocolate brownie when you can get your gnashers round these brownies which are gooey, and packed full of flavour.

Chocolate Dino

Equally tasted as good as each other brownie but munch after munch I must admit my favourites were most certainly the Minting-It as I love mint and Aero’s and Berries as it was zesty and tangy.

I highly recommend these gooey brownies they are literally like no other brownie I have ever tasted.

Chocolate Dino

Chocolate Dino Company Ltd
Kemp House 160 City Road

Discover more about their entire range from clicking on the links below:

The Magnificent Six £19.95
Salted from £9.00
You Drive Me Mango from £9.50
Totally Nuts from £9.50
The Berries from £9.50
Orange from £9.50
Minting It from £9.50
Smooth Operator from £8.50
White Spotted from £8.50
Fetch a Biscuit from £9.00

Discover more about Chocolate Dino click here.

Question is which brownie would you munch on first?

Thank you to Chocolate Dino for the monstrous brownies. All views are of my own honest opinion.

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