Gunna a soda which will make your tastebuds pop

Gunna is truly a soda which will get your taste buds popping as this drink is so distinctive and unique there is nothing else like it on the planet.

I was gifted four of their unique Gunna flavours to try at home and pow they certainly gunned me down with their uniqueness.


Gunna is a beverage company whom sell sodas which are made from sparkling spring water which is blended with 100% natural flavours with a tiny winy bit of sucralose added, which keeps the sugar level low and the taste high!


Currently they have four flavours of Gunna Original, Gunna Steelworks, Gunna Muscovite and Gunna Pink Punk each which contains ginger giving it that unique flavour which will make your taste buds bang and blow your mind.

All Gunna drinks contains less than 5% sugar (that’s just 73 calories per bottle!) so it’s significantly lower in sugar than regular soft drinks. Plus they have no artificial colours or preservatives.

A soda which will make your tastebuds pop

Upon receiving the Gunna cans I was impressed by the unique design.


Each can has an image of a certain animal and each drink upon pouring all have a unique colour and release powerful aromatic notes of smell.

Sodas which releases your inner animal


Ginger Rebel is a blend of ginger beer and aromatic bitters and lime giving it that real zestiness and explosion on the tongue from the ginger and bitters. I loved the golden brown colour of this drink and the gingery spicy smell which popped from it.


Real monkey business.

Gunna Lemonade

Muscovite full of zestiness from the real lemonade used within this soda and has a hint of mint and a twist of ginger creating a very unique flavour with that extra pizazz. The colour is a mild creamy yellow colour and I was hit by smells of ginger and lemon.


Summery and zingy, beartastic.

Gunna Raspberry Lemonade

Pink Punk is like a virgin Shirley Temple full of lemon and raspberry flavour. Pink in colour and smells ever so fruity.


You’ll sing like a bird with this fruit explosion.

Steelworks is a cola tonic with ginger beer giving a pungent and spicy hit. Aromatic and full of gingery flavour. Brown in colour and gingery smells are released.


Lion attack on your taste buds as its roaringly good.

All of their drinks will certainly be releasing your inner animal as it did just that with me.

Explosive taste

So if you love ginger and you are looking for a soda that’s very different and that really will get your taste buds exploding then Gunna roaring sodas are a must. Their drinks really will release your inner animal as sip after sip your taste buds will pop and bang and you mind will be blown.

I Highly recommend.

Gunna spice up your tastebuds buy now

Spice up your tastebuds and buy Gunna sodas online

Full Shop
Ginger Rebel
Pink Punk

or direct via Amazon, Ocado, Sainsburys, Asda, CoOp, WH Smith, Matthew Algie.

Plus with all the sales of their drinks Gunna donate some of their profits to Ditch the Label who are an anti-bullying and pro-quality charity who helps support those impacted by bullying and prejudice.

Alternatively purchase via my shop.

Thank you Gunna for the most unique and delicious explosive sodas I have ever tasted. All views and opinions are of my own honest opinion.

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