Jeffrey’s Tonic cordials pimp up your drink

Looking to pimp up your gin, vodka or still / sparkling water? then Jeffrey’s Tonic does just that with their sweet and tasty tonics and cordials.

Gifted on a courtesy basis I was treated to a few bottles of their fruity tonics and cordials to pair with sparkling water. Alternatively though you can pair with either Gin or Vodka.

Jeffrey’s Tonic

Mike & Maureen Robinson, came about with their tonics and cordials after being gifted a book one Christmas in which described how gin is made. It noted how gin become successful around the world, and described the flavours of lots of gins, plus the tonics / syrups you could buy to pair. So after a few home made attempts of tonic syrups Jeffrey’s Tonic was born.

​Jeffrey’s Tonic supply exceptional tonics and cordials to pimp up your drink. Their tonic syrups are handcrafted and made from infusions of natural herbs and spices.  Their handcrafted cordials are fruity and wonderful to create a deluxe soft drinks. Plus Jeffrey’s also make amazing mixers for spirits, resulting in superb home cocktails.

Pimp it up with Jeffrey’s

Wanting to pimp up my sparkling water I was excited to discover Jeffrey’s who sell tonics and cordials.


Seriously their cordials really were a great alternate to buying a soda as their cordials really do pimp up a drink. Combining with pure sparkling water the cordials gave it a fruity, refreshing taste.

With all their drinks with 1 part cordial and 5 parts sparkling water I soon had drinks that were blinging from look to taste.


Oriental Lime is zesty, with it’s lovely citrus flavours providing a punchy and crisp refreshing drink.

Alternatively if you are looking for a very grown up drink then this cordial is great mixed with citrus-oriented gins and also pairs well with prosecco.


Sicilian Lemon and Warm Spices is made from Sicilian Lemon Juice and Warm Spices. Has hits of cassia, nutmeg, and allspice making this drink not just zesty and refreshing but also provides that little extra kick of heat.

For gin lovers it goes well with dry gins such as Martin Millers or mix with a whisky and ginger.


Yarrow Rosehip and Elderflower has lovely delicate flavours, from the rose through to the subtle taste of elderflower. Floral.

For those who love gin they suggest pairing this floral gin with either Bloom, Daffy’s, Sir Robin Locksley or Gordon’s Pink Gin.  Alternatively pair with dry prosecco.


Their Classic Premium Indian Tonic Syrup is made from cinchona bark and organic Sicilian lemon juice. Provides a lovely delicious refreshing soft drink with a unique sweet flavour.

Plus this tonic works well with craft gins.

Proper adult soft drinks! Who needs alcohol!

Alternatively if you are one who loves a tipple or two use them to make an even more adult based drink for that extra lift.


All their cordials are equally as good as each other from look, smell and taste.

If I had to pick a favourite though it would have to be the Oriental Lime as it is really zesty and refreshing. Summer in a glass.

Jeffrey’s Tonics are a great way to pimp up any drink.

Plus I am also very honoured to be on their wall of fame.

Jeffrey’s Tonic buy now

​Unit 5 Europa Court
Dee View Boulevard

Discover more about Jeffrey’s Tonic click here.

Alternatively purchase via my shop.

Thank you Jeffrey’s Tonic for the most flavoursome and fruitiness cordials I have ever had. All views and opinions are of my own honest opinion.

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