Gulp cocktails by Lollipop tantalise your taste buds

Tantalise your taste buds during lock down with a range of pre-mixed cocktails in a bottle by Lollipop as we all deserve a little pick me up. With many bars closed these cocktails in a bottle are the easiest way to quench your thirst and enjoy a perfect cocktail without having the need to try and recreate yourself and getting it so wrong.

I was gifted by Lollipop a batch of Gulp cocktails to enjoy in the comfort of my own home.


Lollipop are the creators and innovators of immersive entertainment.

Journey at Chelsea Funhouse – Journey is an immersive restaurant which takes you on a taste and flavour travelling through different parts of the world.

The Bletchley – Cocktail bar which decodes your human senses giving you that truly unique cocktail experience.

The Bunyadi – The world’s first naked restaurant. Enter a secret Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing (optional) and
revisit the beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern day life. 

ABQ London & ABQ Paris – World’s favourite immersive and interactive molecular cocktail bar. Make your own cocktails at ABQ.

The Grid – An immersive cocktail infused and AI driven escape experience in London. Escape room 2.0!

Saint – Pizzeria providing Sourdough & Stone-baked pizza.

Now Lollipop brings Gulp

Gulp – Enjoy pre-made cocktails which are all handmade in Chelsea, bottled and home delivered all over the UK.

They set up Gulp as to provide consumers cocktails at home but also to help support suppliers whom they worked with from small to independent services who have previously supplied to their restaurants and bars.

Cocktails in a bottle to tantalise your taste buds at home

Gulp is Lollipops latest adventure bringing cocktails which are all handmade and delivered to your home.

Upon receiving my batch of cocktails I was immediately thrilled from the punchiness of colour from the liquid within the cocktails to the cute little bags of garnishes provided, even the plastic martini glass! so if you haven’t a proper cocktail glass at home you needn’t worry.

Each of Gulp cocktails in a bottle provide a single serving and are all ready to drink all you need to do is add garnishing and any ice if wanted.

I enjoyed a bottle of their Punchy Funhouse, Espresso Martini, Sunny Sangria, The Paloma, Flat White Bro, and a CRT.

The Punchy Funhouse is made with Brandy, Rum, Peach and Tea. Is recommended to serve over ice. Strong but yet refreshing with a hint of peach.

Their Espresso Martini is made with Vodka, Espresso and Coffee Liquor. Shake to get the foam and then serve into a glass. It ended up looking just like an Espresso Martini you get served in a bar and even tasted like it. A perfect wake me up hit.

For that extra summery feel their Sunny Sangria is made from Red Wine, Brandy and Triple Sec. Pouring over ice this cocktail was literally sunshine in a bottle with it’s hit of wine and brandy.

The Paloma is a cocktail made from Tequila, Ting and Grapefruit. Poured over ice this cocktail provided notes of grapefruit to the tongue and nose. Zesty.

The Flat White Bro is made from Dark Roasted Espresso, Coffee Liquor, and Vegan Baileys. Once shook pour over ice it provided a great pick me up drink. Similar to an Espresso Martini but slightly creamier in taste. Real buzz.

Looking for a refreshing clean cocktail? then the CRT cocktail made from Gin, Elderflower, Cucumber and Mint is the perfect cocktail. As it is so clean in taste from the cucumber and ever so refreshing. Cleansing.

They are their original cocktails which I enjoyed but they also have added some new ones to the franchise of a Pina Colada, Pisco Disco, Bloody Mary, The Cooler, and The Virgin. Click here fore further details on all the cocktails.

Plus apart from just cocktails though you can also order from Gulp other beverages such as wine from them.

So even though we are stuck indoors with no bar to go to Gulp brings the bar to you.

Alternatively buy a box or gift card for your friends / family upcoming birthday or anniversary celebrations.


Great cocktails in a bottle which are so easy to serve, pour and garnish.

With me not having skills in cocktail making, even when I follow a book with instructions I still always seem to mess them up. So these cocktails by Lollipop makes it easy and provides a perfect cocktail in a glass once poured. The only thing I would say about Gulp cocktails is that they are recommended to be drunk within about a week as they are freshly made.

Shake, flip the cap, pour, garnish and drink!

Gulp by Lollipop quench your thirst

Gulp cocktails made in Chelsea

Order yours now:

Cocktail Boxes
One-off Box of 12
One-off Box of 6
The Hangover Box of 6
The Work From Home Box
One-off Box of 3
The Valentina (Lollipop Bellini – 1 litre, 8 + drinks)

For Cocktails by Lollipop delivery time takes 1-2 business days. Orders made before 12pm are for next business day delivery. They also deliver on Saturdays sometimes.

Wine Boxes
Lollipop Surprise Box – Mixed Box Of 3
Prosecco Box of 6
Thomson and Scott – Prosecco Box of 3
Gulp with Malbec – Red Wine Box
Gulp with Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine Box
Sustainable Sippers – Vegan and Organic Mixed Box
The Eccentric – Red Wine Box
The Eccentric – Mixed Wine Box
The Eccentric – White & Family

For wines all orders made before 11am are dispatched the same day with 1-3 business days for delivery.

Gift Card
Gift Card

All deliveries currently are only available in the UK mainland.

Contact via email

Thank you to Seb of Lollipop for the cocktails. All opinions are my own honest view.

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