Play Dead London online murder mysteries – who done it?

During the outbreak of the deadly virus Covid 19 Play Dead London crimes can’t be solved in person but never fear due to technology super sleuths like me can still help them out by solving cases online via Zoom.

On a courtesy basis I was gifted a few special agent passes for me and my friends to help solve the case of what happened at the Hi-De-Ho Camp and within Space on the Final Frontier.

Play Dead London 

Play Dead London are an interactive theatrical extravaganza who host numerous murder mysteries all set within unique locations giving the plays a real air and soul to them. All the audience become detectives for the night to help solve the murder by digging for clues through watching the interactions between the characters and getting their hands dirty by interviewing the shady suspects themselves.

Play Dead London was created back in April 2018 by Creator and Artistic Director, Emma Crocombe. Emma came up with setting up her own murder mystery productions when she helped fund raise for a murder mystery event within Bangalore for Limited Resources Teacher Training. From there she then set up her own murder mystery company along with her talented friends.

With the outbreak of Covid 19 hitting the world, Play Dead London can now be enjoyed at home for a limited time where crimes are to be solved.

Killers to be caught

Taking on two murder mysteries I became detective trying to solve a murder which took place in June at a camp where campers were not so much Hi-De-Ho anymore and in May I travelled to Space to solve the mysterious death of the ships captain.

Wish you WEREN’T here!

It’s summer, 1991….at Cheeseman’s Holiday Park and the summer is just ending and Barry Cheeseman wants to make some changes to his park, bring in something new….A LASER QUEST! But not everyone is happy with these changes.

Play Dead
Play Dead

We discovered when logging on to greet the suspects of the camp that not everything was Hi-De-Ho campers as a serious murder had taken place but who done it?

It was up to me and my friends Bianca @shinylifeforme, Joice @jojoexplora and Lynsey @wanderlustlynseyjane plus other detectives on the night to help solve the murder of who killed Barry?

Play Dead

This was a fun murder mystery even though a serious case was to be solved it was full of laughs.

If you want to find out what happened you’ll have to take the trip via Zoom yourself to Cheeseman happy camp or should I say at present not so happy camp and question the suspected workers.

With my super sleuthing skills I helped crack the case. Can you?

SPACE: The Fatal Frontier

The year is 2302. Captain Rob Anderson has been leading his crew onboard the Starship Atlantic to seek out a new planet to continue civilisation. But the mission has failed, dramatically wrong, and something is not right. You must solve the case before the suspects get back to Earth.

Play Dead online

Dressing up and taking a giant leap into space virtually via Zoom I took my mind to space with Bianca @shinylifeforme and we got to ask surviving space crew what happened on the spaceship. But with the mission being top secret I can’t reveal to much.

Play Dead online

Are you brave enough to take the leap into space?

Play Dead London LIVE via Zoom

Discover more about Play Dead London click here.

Murder mysteries online:

Wish You Weren’t Here
Wednesdays at 8pm in July

SPACE: The Final Frontier
Sundays at 8pm in July

Tickets start from £10 each (£2 will go to support local community charities)

Thank you to Play Dead London for letting us become detectives.

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