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Love creating cocktails at home? then you’ll love Mix and Match Ltd cocktail boxes which come with everything you need to recreate that perfect stylish looking cocktail just like a mixologist.

I was gifted a box of my choice to enjoy recreating and sipping in the comfort of my home. Never ever having tasted or even heard of a French 75 before I opted for that box.

Mix and Match Ltd

Mix and Match Ltd offer complete bar solutions for corporate, private and brand events of every shape and size.

They love a challenge of taking any event from inception to completion with creative flair and a tenacious attitude. As they like to excel at making your life easier whilst creating lasting memorable moments.

Hire out Mix and Match Ltd for your next party, immersive event, branded event, or product launch and choose from an array of wooden or metal mobile bars, mixologists and bespoke cocktails.

Plus Mix and Match Ltd also provide a wide variety of Mix It Yourself cocktails boxes so you can produce your very own cocktail just like a mixologist.

French 75 at home

Not being able to go to the bar due to Covid 19 outbreak which has resulted in many bars being closed, I was able to create my very own cocktail just like a professional.

Mix and Match Ltd bought the bar to me, OK cocktails in a box to mix up a French 75 in the comfort of my own home from along with the proper instruments and serving glasses.

Mix It Yourself

Upon opening the box I was highly impressed and excited. The box contained 4 champagne flutes, shaker, bar spoon, jigger measure, peeler, lemon, sugar, Martin Millers Gin and Lanson Champagne.

Mix It Yourself

With the easy instruction booklet I soon became a mixologist.

Firstly it was recommended to place the champagne into the fridge for an hour to chill, along with the 4 champagne flutes.

Whilst chilling I made a sugar syrup from the sugar provided by melting the 16g of sugar in 25ml hot water. Once dissolved it was placed in the fridge to cool.

After an hour it was time to get mixing.

Peeling 4 strips from the lemons and setting aside I squeezed the lemons for lemon juice. Then off with the lid of the cocktail shaker I poured about 50ml of the lemon juice into it along with the sugar syrup, and the gins along with ice.

Shaking vigorously for 10 seconds I then poured equally over the 4 glasses before then topping each off the champagne flute glasses equally with champagne.

Once done I gave each a stir with the bar spoon and garnished by expressing the essential oils of the lemon peel over the surface of each drink.

Mix It Yourself

As this was an elegant drink I just had to pair it with my homemade French Cake loaded with strawberries.

Mix It Yourself me

The French 75 was a perfectly balanced cocktail, tangy and refreshing. In fact was like a very posh lemonade.

Mix It Yourself me


Being impressed by my skills in creating my very own French 75, I would certainly look at purchasing from the many other boxes on sale with Mix and Match Ltd as they make it so easy.

With unlike most other cocktail boxes from other companies what makes Mix and Match Ltd cocktail boxes more unique is the fact that you can buy complete full sets if you required which come with all the appropriate glasses, shaker, and all the ingredients to make the perfect cocktail.

Who needs a bar and mixologist when you can become one at home.

Mix and Match Ltd get mixing

Mix and Match Ltd
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Masterclasses – a variety of entertaining workshops including whisky blending, gin distillation, spirit tastings and wine pairings.

Mobile bar hire – wooden or metal bars for hire.

Cocktail boxes
Marmalade Martini Cocktails – set of 2
French 75 – set of 4
Cosmopolitan Cocktails – set of 2
Cafe Martini Cocktails – set of 2
English Garden Cocktails – set of 2
Southern Peach Cocktails – set of 2

Order via calling 07932 982 558 between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday
Email info@mixandmatchltd.co.uk response within 24 hours

Thank you to Mix and Match Ltd for making me a perfect mixologist in giving me the opportunity in creating my own French 75 like a professional. All views and opinions are of my own honest opinion.

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