The Drunken Jockeys shake up your party

Shake up your party with The Drunken Jockeys cocktails which come in a jar. No need for a shaker, just top the jar with ice and shake, shake, shake and you’ll soon have a winning cocktail in your hand. So if you are looking for a unique way to serve cocktails to your friends / family at your next upcoming house gathering be it for a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding celebration then these easy grab and go, fresh make it your self cocktails are a front runner as they are winning cocktails in my eyes.

I was gifted a batch of cocktails from The Drunken Jockeys to enjoy at home during lock down.

The Drunken Jockeys

Created by three best friends, The Drunken Jockeys offer gorgeous vintage bar and prop rental coupled with a fantastic bar service. They have a growing range of bar experiences available each with huge opportunity to personalise and beautify your event to your hearts content. Choose from converted vehicles to amazing free standing bars and a wide choice of extras. 

They are providers of unique, portable & mobile bars which are all perfect for weddings and events across London, Surrey and the South of England.

The Drunken Jockeys belief that a bar should be much more than simply a place to get drinks, it should be an experience. 

With their creative bars they transport guests to a world of fun with a great drink in hand. Be it for a milestone birthday or even a quirky wedding no challenge is too great!

​The Drunken Jockeys offer eight original bar experiences, an outstanding cocktail service and a great range of extras

​They believe in professionalism, flexibility, an eye for detail and have a passion for delivering their clients vision with an innovative flair.

Plus they sell cocktails which can be purchased for your next event, small gathering or just to enjoy in the comfort of your own home during lock down. DM via Instagram @thedrunkenjockeys for a menu of their full range of cocktails which will be partially made and delivered to your door. As they are fresh if you are not going to drink straight away is recommended to store them in the fridge and drink within 48 hours. When ready just add ice to the jar, shake, garnish and add straw to the cocktail in the jar. Resulting in simplicity and pure deliciousness.

Winning cocktails at home

Hand delivered and opening the box to my cocktails by The Drunken Jockeys my eyes lit up immediately when I saw the array of jars within the box.

All were cutely labelled making me think of Alice in Wonderland. Each label had easy clear instructions which usually required just topping the jar with ice and shaking it.

The Drunken Jockeys

Bar set for my social distancing party of just me and my husband.

Starting off with a classic Cosmopolitan adding the ice and then shaking it I soon had a sweet drink in my hand. The colours looked like a sunrise in a jar. The drink itself smelt so sweet and zesty and tasted amazing full of orange notes, and provided sweetness and tartness with every sip.

Next the Clattern Mule. Topping the jar of vodka and a secret ginger syrup with a Ginger Beer after a shake here and there I soon had a golden drink in hand. A delightfully fizzy drink with a fiery ginger kick. Very refreshing for a summers day.

The Kiwi Collins is a clean and refreshing loaded vodka, lemon and kiwi drink. Zingy.

Long Island Iced Tea contains vodka, tequila, white rum, triple sec, and gin and juice of a lime and lemon topped with cola makes this is a coke lovers delight. Mostly tastes of cola with the citrus tastes of the lime and lemon racing through.

Their Espresso Martini is made from vodka, Kuka cold brew and Kahlua creating rich, indulgent and creamy, drink that will leave you on a high after.

The Pina Colada full of Bacardi, coconut, pineapple juice and lime juice is a delicious tropical treat. Creamy loaded with the taste of pineapple and coconut. Took me thinking of summer holidays in tropical lands.

Plastic Martini had notes of the vanilla vodka, passoa, passion fruit puree, pineapple juice and fresh lime juice

Moscow Mule is a fiery fizzy loaded vodka and ginger beer drink with a hint of fresh lime. A great drink if you are looking for a spicy, sweet and strong sip.

All of the cocktails were all very fresh as they use fresh fruit juice and other ingredients so it is highly recommended to consume within 48 hours.

The Drunken Jockeys

I can’t pick my outright favourite from these beauties as each and every cocktail were beautiful on the eyes, nose and taste. Made my senses run wild.


The Drunken Jockeys is an out right winner in my eyes for perfect cocktails to enjoy at home. As not are their cocktails super fresh but are ever so unique in style and no need for a shaker. I felt like Alice in Wonderland with the cute labels tied around each jar and went to a magical land as once opening each jar, topping with ice, shaking and garnishing with each sip I got drunker and drunker as once you sip you won’t be able to stop. Forget cocktails in a bottle as The Drunken Jockeys cocktails in a jar are the freshest and most tastiest premade cocktails on the market.

Plus if you are looking for a unique bar for your next event then check out their page for an array of unique bars.

The Drunken Jockeys are an outright winner! (streaks ahead and no photo finish required)

The Drunken Jockeys order yours now

The Drunken Jockeys

Suppliers of bars and drinks within the London, Surrey and South East

Enjoy cocktails at home DM @thedrunkenjockeys or call them on 07595444431 / 07772847000 or email to order yours.

Cocktails cost £7.00 per jar
4 cocktails for £26
6 cocktails for £57.50
8 cocktails for £48.00
10 cocktails for £59.00
Mocktails are also available from £4.50 per mocktail

All cocktails come served in a sealed jar with serving instructions

Plus they sell beers and wines.

To hire a bar click here to see all the different bespoke bars available for hire and extras

Thank you to The Drunken Jockeys for the most delicious pre made cocktails I have ever had at home. All views and opinions are of my own honest opinion.

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