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Guest post by Elgan Larsen

Using essential in your home is a great way of fragrancing your home with natural aromas. The use of essential oils can completely change the feel and the atmosphere, people that use essential oils often feel more relaxed. Using these oils is a great alternative to household chemicals. People that often practice yoga or meditation will use these oils to help them be more focused and be more relaxed.

Essential oil is an extract from a plant. It is believed that using essential oils has many health benefits. The use of lavender is supposed to help get rid of headaches. People have been using these oils for thousands of years for its aromas and health benefits. It is only in recent years the use of essential oils has gained back popularity.

How to use them

Essential oils are required to be heated, you will need an oil burner to properly use essential oils. You simply place your oils in the small bowl at the top. You ignite the tea light and place it under the bowl. The heat from the tea light will cause the essential oils to evaporate and release its aromas.

You can also use an electric wax melt burner to heat up your essential oils, there is no open flame making it a safer method of using in the presence of children. It is a much more convenient way of heating the oils by a switch of a button.  

Using essential oils in the bathroom

The Natural Gift

You can add essential oils to your shampoo or shower gel, to add a more  natural fragrance . You can also inhale the oils in the shower by adding the oils to the walls in your shower.

Wax melts  

The Natural Gift

Most wax melts and candles are scented with essential oils. If you are using wax melts to fragrance your home you can keep adding essential oils to the old wax melts to keep its aromas.

Precautions using essential oils

The Natural Gift

Essential oils need to be used carefully as they can be potent, children below the age of 12 should not use them. People that have underlying health conditions should take caution while using. Never use essential oils internally, some essential oils can be harmful towards certain pets. It is recommended that essential oils are mixed with carrier oils or diluted with water.

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Written by Elgan Larsen

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