Moonstone Murder Mysteries – The Tables Have Turned with me as a guest detective

There has been a murder at Moonstone Murder Mysteries! But who killed Betty and why?

Moonstone Murder Mysteries have been hosting FREE murder mystery evenings live(ish) via YouTube for eight weeks now every Thursday which anyone can get involved in via commenting in the comments section.

Every week a special guest detective can join them on the night. For their ninth case (11 June) The Tables Have Turned I became the guest detective for the evening putting my super sleuthing skills to the test.

Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Moonstone Murder Mysteries offer high-quality Murder Mystery entertainment. They use professional actors and writers to create mystery experiences you’ll never forget.

Since 2012 Moonstone Murder Mysteries has been testing guests sleuthing skills all over the country. From Manor Houses to Underground Bunkers, from Boats to 5 Star Hotels; from Private Members Clubs to your Living Room. You name the place and they will bring the case. 

For a Moonstone Theatre Murder Mystery, their formula is the same for the majority of their plot-lines and has been designed to work around the other elements of your event such as service times and any additional entertainment you may have. The plot is played out through a series of scenes between performers and in-between the scenes, their performers will interact with all to answer any sleuthing questions throwing in necessary clues or red herrings along the way.

Each show is flexible and built to adapt all needs, so whether you are wanting to host a murder mystery in a restaurant, bar, hotel, theatre, underground bunker or even a moving train they will adjust to suit your needs. Just name the place and the will bring the case!

For private bookings they have held corporate events, Christmas parties, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and rotary club dinners.

Generally, their performances take around 2-2 1/2 hours to play out with breaks, although this depends on the number of guests, your schedule and the difficulty of the plot-line selected. 

During whilst we are in lock-down due to Covid 19 Moonstone Murder Mysteries are hosting live(ish) murder mysteries for FREE via YouTube every Thursday at 8.15pm. Tips are welcomed though and split between all actors on the night plus 20% go’s towards a different charity each night.

​Can you catch the killer? Do you have a Detective team ready to crack the case?  Fancy yourself the next Sherlock Holmes? Want to book an evening’s entertainment you’ll never forget?  Then look no further than a Moonstone Murder Mystery!

​The Tables Have Turned – Can I catch the killer? ​

On the night for Moonstone Murder Mysteries I logged into Zoom to firstly meet the actors performing on the night and learn which characters they will be playing out on the night.

nspector Rutherford: Sam Emmerson
Tim Buyer/ Sherman Bones: Christopher Railton
Kate Stop/ Marilyn Lockhart: Elle-Jay Garvey
Evelyn Stents/ Ruby Lockhart: Angela Eyton
Raymond Barnes/ Jeeves the Butler: Peter Webster

After the initial briefing it was then on with the live(ish) show on YouTube. Why live(ish) as even though I am playing live on Zoom with the actors it is streamed on YouTube approx 10 seconds later.

Betty was found dead in her office. Question though is who done it and why?

Asking each suspect in sections I found out about their whereabouts and back stories between asking each questions to try and solve their motives and if they could potentially be the killer.

With a few lies and red herrings thrown in after around an 1 hour and 30 minutes it was time for me to name who I think done it.

Even though I may of named the culprit in who was after gaining Betty theatrical production company I did not nail the killer. However it also seemed that even those watching only one person figured out who the murderer was.

This was a very fun filled murder mystery.

Watch my performance and see if you can suss out who the murderer was?

During any of Moonstone Murder Mysteries 20% is donated to the guest detectives chosen charities. For my chosen charity I chose for all proceeds which was donated to Moonstone Murder Mysteries that night to go towards Circus Starr who brings thrills and excitement to all vulnerable and disabled children, whom create events and create memories. Raised £30 on the night. Discover more about Circus Starr via clicking here.


All their murder mystery events played during these nine weeks of being in lock-down due to Covid 19 have been all unique and fun.

It was super fun though in being their guest detective for the night rather than typing a comment in the comments section. I found it challenging to think of questions on the spot but with the help of Inspector Rutherford and Sherlock Bones I soon gathered the evidence I needed to state whom I believed to be the murderer. Even though as I mentioned earlier I did not solve the culprit it was an exciting night of murder and mystery.

So if you love murder mysteries and think you are a great detective then head over to their YouTube channel to replay past murder mysteries or join live on Thursday at 8.15pm.

Moonstone Murder Mysteries events

Whilst their live crime scenes are closed, you can join them live on Thursday at 8:15pm.

Each week they will be live streaming a case via YouTube, assisted by Inspector Rutherford, you’ll get to meet their line up of suspicious suspects, pick up clues and try dodge the red herrings along the way!

The stream is free to watch and it is their way way of trying to keep peoples spirits up during these challenging times. However if you do have any spare change, donations to the performers are kindly appreciated in whom have given up their time for the evening. Plus each week they donate 20% of the donations towards a charity.

To book a private zoom party click here.

To discover more about Moonstone Murder Mysteries click here.

Thank you to Moonstone Murder Mysteries for a night of mystery. All views are of my own honest opinion.

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