Feed Me wholesome treats

Ever yearned for a treat but trying avoiding sugar? then fear no more as Feed Me treats are wholesome treats which are free from refined sugars and preservatives.

I was kindly sent a box on a complimentary basis to enjoy their treats in the comfort of my own home.

Feed Me

Feed Me is Leicester’s premier wholesome treat company whom create delicious & nutritious treats for everybody. They bake from scratch everything from their humble chocolate brownie through to layered stacks of deliciousness, all with their own wholesome twist!

All their products are packed full of nutritious wholefood ingredients and

  • free from refined sugars
  • has no preservatives
  • contain natural vitamins
  • packed with protein
  • vegan friendly
  • gluten free

Feed Me are committed to keeping food waste to a minimum so they only bake in small batches, making it possible to track the quality of their products.

Feed Me treats are suitable for everyone be it if you are gluten intolerant or dairy free, vegan, can’t eat nuts, etc they can cater for every need.

A Wholesome Assortment Box

Upon receiving my assortment box from Feed Me I was delighted by the many varieties of wholesome treats all of which are great and safe for vegans, gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free and packed with wholefood ingredients.

Feed Me Brownies

The Bountiful Raspberry Brownie is a raspberry treat which is fruity and has the added crunch and texture of the coconut and richness of the cacao within.

Ingredients – Base: Dates, flaxseeds, organic cacao powder, organic coconut flour, organic coconut flakes, sea salt. Middle: Organic desiccated coconut, pure maple syrup, organic virgin coconut oil, organic coconut flour, freeze dried raspberry powder, beetroot powder, Medicine Flower Raspberry extract. Top: Organic virgin coconut oil, organic cacao powder, pure maple syrup, desiccated coconut, freeze dried raspberries.

The No-Tella Hazelnut Brownie is a fudgey chocolate brownie which has pieces of whole hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Dates, pure maple syrup, hazelnut butter (nuts)(12.8%), organic cacao powder, organic virgin coconut oil, almond flour (nuts), hazelnuts (nuts)(8%), flaxseeds, sea salt, bicarbonate of soda (raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate).

The Crunch Brownie has the taste of fudge and chocolate. Is crunchy, chewy and crisp.

Ingredients – Base: Organic coconut sugar chocolate (cocoa mass, coconut sugar, cocoa butter), Tahini (Sesame), organic coconut sugar, gram flour (yellow split peas, chickpeas), organic cacao powder, pure maple syrup, ground flaxseed, natural vanilla extract, bicarb of soda. Top: Tahini (Sesame), organic fibre flakes (cereal blend (brown rice, maize flour, maize bran, rice bran extract), cane sugar, salt), pure maple syrup, organic cacao powder, sea salt.

The Salted Date Caramel Pecan Pie Bar is a crunchy shortbread based treat. Soft and gooey this salted nutty caramel treat with crisp coconut is a nutty delight with that hint of sea salt.

Ingredients – Base: Gluten free flour (rice, potato starch, maize), organic virgin coconut oil, pure maple syrup, vanilla extract (vanilla bean extract, water, alcohol 35%). MIDDLE: Dates, pecans (nuts), natural vanilla extract , sea salt. TOP: Organic virgin coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, pecans (nuts), pure maple syrup, natural vanilla extract , sea salt.

The Raw Superfood Crunch Brownie is a beautiful looking raw chocolate super-food brownie which is a chocolate delight sprinkled with cacao nibs and edible flowers.

Ingredients – Base: Dates, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, desiccated coconut, goji berries, organic cacao powder, pure maple syrup, chia seeds, sea salt. Frosting: Dates, organic cacao powder, organic virgin coconut oil, pure maple syrup. Topping: Cacao nibs, mixed flowers (lavender, marigold, safflower, red roses, cornflower).

The White Choc Mocha Millionaire is an indulgent millionaire slice which is a plant based treat. It was a creamy buttery sensation with caramel tones, coffee and dates.

Ingredients – Base: Dates, gluten free oats, ground buckwheat groats, ground sunflower seeds. Middle: cashew butter (nuts), pure maple syrup. Top: organic cocoa butter, organic virgin coconut oil, pure maple syrup, coconut milk powder (coconut milk extract 83%, glucose syrup 15%, natural cavamax 6 2%), Jute Coffee espresso powder.

The Peanut Butter Millionaire was sticky and rich providing an ultimate peanut butter, oat & date taste.

Ingredients – Base: Gluten free oats, dates. Middle: Crunchy peanut butter (peanuts), pure maple syrup, sea salt. Top: Organic cocoa butter, peanut butter (peanuts), pure maple syrup, coconut milk powder (coconut milk extract 83%, glucose syrup 15%, natural cavamax 6 2%).

Feed Me Brownies


These wholesome treats are a true delight if you are looking for a treat which is vegan friendly, packed with vitamins & fibres plus gluten free. They did not just look great but also tasted great.

Feed Me order yours

Get in contact with them via clicking here.

Assortment Box £15
Bliss Balls £2.50
Bountiful Raspberry Raw Brownie from £10
Brookies from £10
Choc Chic Raw Cookie Dough Brownie from £10
Crunch Brownies from £10
Fudgey No-Tella Hazelnut Brownies from £10
Mixed Brownies from £15
Peanut Butter Millionaire from £10
Peanut Butter Mud Pie from £10
Raw Superfood Crunch Brownies from £10
Salted Date Caramel Pecan Pie Bars from £10
White Chocolate Mocha Millionaires from £10

All deliveries are posted out once a week (Wednesday) via next day courier. Orders must be placed with them before 8pm Tuesday to leave that week otherwise they will be sent out the following week.

Thank you to Feed Me for the healthy treats. All views are my own honest opinion.

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