CLIJE adds value to your drinks

If you are looking for a mixer which can either be enjoyed by itself without adding anything or mixing it up with your favourite tipple or soda water then CLIJE is the drink for you.

I was gifted a few bottles by CLIJE on a complimentary basis to try at home and I was impressed by it’s fruitiness and fizziness.


CLIJÉ is an adjective that means ‘something you use to add value to other things’. Their passion for enhancing  experiences through tailor-made fusions is their personal definition for the word as they contribute and compliment your lifestyle. 

CLIJE is created from a unique blend of fruits which is uniquely blended for an all natural indulgent taste along with water all of which are then pasteurised under 90 degrees to eliminate unwanted substances naturally (a process usually only seen with wine producers) before adding 100% natural sweetener Stevia creating a drink perfect to be enjoyed on it’s own or as a mixer to enhance a liquor or cocktail / mocktail.

CLIJE fruitness

Upon receiving my three bottles of CLIJE 250ml I was impressed by the colour which was a golden brown.


Before opening I give the bottle a shake. Once opened I was hit by notes of fruits and once pouring into the glass bubbles upon bubbles appeared it was so fizzy. I poured into champagne flutes to give it that classiness it deserves and I did not mix it with anything as I love fruit so wanted to taste it’s pureness. It was a fizzy delight packed with fruity flavours.


This unique fusion is unlike anything I have tasted before with it’s fruitiness, sweetness and fizziness.


I enjoyed it plain but it can be used to mix with your chosen tipple.

I would recommend something simple like a dry gin or vodka as to still be able to enjoy the fruitiness CLIJE offers.

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Thank you to CLIJE for the fruity hit of CLIJE. All options are my own honest opinion.

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