Canned Wine Co. travel in style with a can of wine in hand

Forget beer in a can go one step classier and travel in style with a can of wine in hand instead. Be it for a picnic, on the beach or even in the park you can now travel safely with a glass of wine in tow, no fear of breakage and having wine left over as the Canned Wine Co. produce wines in a can which provides a glass of wine in every can.

I was gifted a few cans on a courtesy basis to sample and I was highly impressed by the look of the can and the refreshing taste of the wine.

Canned Wine Co.

Simon, Lisa & Ben are passionate about making exciting, unusual and delicious wines accessible to everyone. They make wines in smaller formats without having to spend more. They believe that wine should never be about complicated jargon or assumed knowledge. Their wines are all about the flavours, grapes, aromas and textures. 

Their cans are infinitely recyclable and can be enjoyed on the go, with a picnic, at home, or whenever you feel like!

Canned Wine

Simon & Lisa were inspired to launch Canned Wine Co. in the spring of 2019. Passionate about great food and drink they both found great wine was difficult to find, opaque to understand and too expensive!

So after many evenings of wanting to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner but not wanting to open a bottle, particularly not an expensive one, Simon & Lisa decided there must be a better way!

Their wines are all about discovery and curiosity. You won’t find famous grape varieties or the usual suspects, instead they bring you the best of the unknown. As they work with smaller independent wineries in which they source the very best wines from with each wine being a limited run by nature, all single vintage and single variety. 

Ben Franks is Canned Wine Co. wine buyer whom is a former wine journalist who, at the age of 22, founded the wine merchant Novel Wines. His company today is a Decanter award-winning specialist importer, featuring a breadth of wines from across central and eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. Ben is passionate about finding the next big thing and focuses on introducing new, truly unique wines and spirits to the UK. He works with winemakers across the globe who pour their heart and soul into what they do. For Canned Wine Co. Ben is excited to introduce some exceptional winemakers whose juice is simply too good to bottle.

Travelling with wine on the move

Canned Wine gives you that piece of mind that you won’t over indulge on wine as this wine is not in a bottle but in a can which provides just the right amount for a glass. Plus that you can travel safely with a wine in bag that won’t break as its not stored in glass.

Canned Wine Co

I got to try their white and red wines each which were equally as enjoyable as each other whilst I had my picnic in the safety of my garden as at present I don’t feel comfortable travelling with Covid 19 being around. I paired with my homemade Red Grape Tart which the recipe can be found at Flour Arrangements.

Grüner 2019

This white wine at 12.0% ABC is a mouth-watering white wine which is refreshing and full of notes of peach & grapefruit with a little peppery spice undertone.

Grüner wine has been ripened on the fertile soils of Niederösterreich in north-east Austria.

Highly recommend pairing with a mild dish like chicken or a simple salad.

Touriga Nacional 2018

This red wine at 13.5% ABC provides a taste of plums, black cherries and that hint of spice, ever so warming.

Touriga Nacional is grown on the foothills of Mt Serra da Estrela, known as the fruit basket of Portugal. The grapes are picked, pressed and wildly fermented before being matured in 225L French oak barrels.

Perfect paired with lamb or a chilli.


All the wines were perfect so refreshing sip after sip but what was great to discover was that each wine is made using 100% grapes and both drinks are vegan friendly.

I Highly recommend these wines in a can if you are looking for a refreshing wine that is tasty and yet safe to travel with.

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Thank you to Canned Wine for the lovely refreshing wine in a can. All views are of my own honest opinion.

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