Jack and Beyond om nom nom nom

Om nom nom nom is how I sum up Jack and Beyond who sell the most delicious freshly homemade brownies, cakes, tarts and cookies.

I was gifted on a complimentary basis samplings of their brownies and one of their unique cookie decorating kits.

Jack and Beyond

Jack and Beyond is a quirky neighbourhood cake and coffee shop which is based in Fulham. They serve up a creative collection of freshly baked goodies on site from indulgent cakes as well as a choice of other homemade treats.

Most of their recipes are made by Award winning Pastry Chef, Daniel Fletcher who held the position of Dessert Product Developer for M&S and also worked various 5 star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants.

Their aim is to bring playfulness and creativity into their cake business with a Bespoke Cake Consultation Service and cake designs that go beyond a simple message with toppings and sprinkles.

Jack and Beyond are also an environmentally friendly business as they use disposable cups and even have their very own branded re-usable Jack Cups on site.

They also have a Loyalty Scheme for customers but with a difference as instead of having a loyalty card customers get to draw a card from a French playing card deck next to the till. If you draw a Jack card, you’ll instantly receive a reward (e.g. a free slice of cake or a free coffee).

Jack and Beyond cakes, brownies, cookies and much more can also be ordered online for home delivery.

Jack and Beyond believe that a good slice of cake can make your day a little brighter.

Om nom nom nom

Upon receiving my package and opening it up I was highly impressed by the way it was all packaged within neat paper and tight boxes which assured all the treats did not get broke.

I received three different brownies to try as well as a DIY Politician cookie icing box.

Brownie gooeyiness

Jack and Beyond brownies

For the brownies I indulged on their Red Velvet Cake, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Brownie all of which were full of sweetness and so gooeyiness.

Jack and Beyond brownies

The Red Velvet brownie is very much an eye-catcher with it’s deep redness and pretty white swirls throughout. The texture of the brownie is smooth and creamy, and simply melts on the tongue. Mouth drooling.

Jack and Beyond brownie Red Velvet

The Salted Caramel brownie is loaded with dark chocolate and homemade caramel all of which is then sprinkled with sea salt giving it a indulgent taste of chocolate, fudginess, caramel and the hint of sea salt. Gooeyiness of pure delight.

Jack and Beyond brownie Salted Caramel

The Peanut Butter brownie is 100% wheat free and packed with a mix of chocolate and peanut butter. It did not just look stunningly beautiful with full of swirls but upon biting into it I was treated to a gooey, creamy, fudgy, nutty, tasty sensation. True taste of creaminess and gooeyiness. This 100% wheat free brownie was nuts!. They offer UK wide delivery or store collection for this indulgent treat. It’s nuts.

Jack and Beyond brownie Peanut Butter

Which would you like to munch down on? “

Cookie time

Jack and Beyond sell a variety of handmade bespoke vanilla shortbread cookies ones which are based on celebrities and even the Queen but I opted to enjoy their Politician cookies.

You can either buy them already professionally iced or you can purchase a DIY Cookie Set and ice perhaps your favourite Celebrity or Queen.

Their DIY sets come with icing in four different colours ready to pop into a piping bag. Then it’s time to ice. Stick to the brief or let your imagination run wild.

With Politicians always being in the news recently due to Brexit, Covid 19 and many other political matters, I just feel sometimes like biting off their heads as they make my head spin with all the confusion.

The DIY Politician cookie set comes with 4 Politicians in all. Jeremy Corbyn, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

Jack and Beyond Politicians cookies

Set for piping it was time for me to pipe on the features for each Politician.

Jack and Beyond Politician cookies

Watch as I pipe.

I started off with Jeremy Corbyn first to get the white out of the way before I started to get in a real mess as I am not a great piper and I do tend to sometimes always end up having icing all over my hands.

Then President Donald Trump I wonder what he was shouting out about here? Maybe he was criticising my terrible icing skills.

Then our current Prime Minster Boris Johnson in which I will look forward to biting into his head as he has confused my brain in my head a number of times with these different rules and regulations on what we can and can’t do during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Then finally onto the very happy Barack Obama.

All in all I must admit after piping my final Politician I did not end up doing that bad of a job.

Jack and Beyond Politician cookies
Jack and Beyond Politician cookies

What do you think? do I get your vote of YEAH?

Jack and Beyond Politician Cookies

Now time to get munching down on Boris Johnson.

Jack and Beyond Politicians cookies

Plus lick Donald Trump’s face as he makes me laugh with all his quotes.

Jack and Beyond shortbread cookies tasted amazing, buttery in taste with vanilla notes and sweetness from the icing. Soft and crumbly, melted in the mouth. Om nom nom nom as the Cookie Monster would say.

Beyond words

Even though I have never been able to get to their actual cake and coffee shop in London, after eating the delightful brownies and cookies which I was sent via Jack and Beyond to enjoy at home I will most certainly be looking to visit them.

The brownies were all extremely delicious full of flavour and ever so gooey making them rich and mouth watering. The most ultimate brownies ever.

The cookies looked fab and tasted really good plus it was such fun in icing the features on each Politician myself. Maybe a few other colours would be good though as I would have loved to have perhaps gave them each rainbow style hair in support of the NHS. Plus a plastic nozzle would have been easier as well to use within the piping bag rather than just cutting a hole. But other than that it was super cool and great fun.

I would highly recommend both the brownies and the cookies. The beauty about the cookies are that not only are they comical and fun but the DIY icing kits make a perfect unique gift be it for a child or adult.

Jack and Beyond order yours

Jack and Beyond Ltd
606 Fulham Road

An online cake shop and welcoming store in Fulham, London. They offer quality coffee and custom cakes at reasonable prices. 

DIY Cookies starting from £3.95
Celebrity Cookies starting from £3.95
Brownies starting from £28.80
Celebration Cakes starting from £19
Personalised Cakes starting from £24
Bespoke Cakes starting from £180
Tarts starting from £21
Cake Decorating Classes & Events for hen parties, kids birthdays and more starting from £25.

Thanks to Jack and Beyond for the brownies and the cookies which were all om nom nom nom. All views are my own honest opinion.

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