Shot in the Dark ultimate unorthodox quiz

Have you ever wondered bizarre things? such as how many people are in prison in the world or how old was the oldest person to have ever lived? Then wonder no more as Shot in the Dark which is an ultimate unorthodox quiz provides answers to many bizarre wacky questions.

I was gifted a pack on a complimentary basis from Shot in the Dark to enjoy with friends and family.

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark is co-founded by Grant & Jordanna.

Grant is an accountant by day and a board game and quiz fanatic by night. He was the one in charge of finding interesting questions to add to Shot in the Dark.

Jordanna is the one in who is in charge of sales, marketing and social media.

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark is the ultimate quiz leveller:

  • Crowd pleaser – Shot in the Dark is great fun to play with family or friends. Its perfect for dinner parties, family gatherings, pre-drinks, chilling with friends, games nights, long car journeys, travelling or holidays, or for anyone who cannot get enough fun facts and useless knowledge!
  • Inclusive – because nobody know the answers and its all about who can make the best guess, everyone can enjoy playing Shot in the Dark, whether they are a quiz master or terrible at traditional quizzes!
  • Anyone can win – tired of your dad or know-it-all friend ruining quiz games by winning every time? Shot in the Dark is the ultimate quiz leveller – when nobody knows any of the answers, everybody has a chance!
  • Genuinely interesting questions – guaranteed to spark conversation and provoke hilarious answers!
  • Easy to learn and quick to play  No messing around trying to work out complex rules. Shot in the Dark is incredibly simple – everyone has a guess, and the best guess wins!
  • The perfect present  Shot in the Dark is great as a gift for teenagers, adults, family members or friends, it can be a gift for him or a gift for her. It’s ideal for birthdays, Christmas presents or Secret Santa!
  • Ever wondered… how many tins of paint it takes to paint the White House, how much vodka the average Russian drinks, or what proportion of European babies are conceived in an IKEA bed? If so, then this game is for you!

Once they started to sell Shot in the Dark on Amazon it soon became a surprise hit and even an Amazon bestseller receiving amazing feedback from customers.

Going forward they hope to create a range of other games which are affordable, UK manufactured, quick and easy to learn, great fun to play and can be enjoyed by all. 

Taking a shot in the dark

Shot in the Dark cards come nicely packaged in a black and white box giving it that mystical feel.

Shot in the Dark

Opening it up and reading the rules it was clear from the off in how to play and score.

I also learned that all the questions within the deck has had a huge amount of research gone into it to ensure that questions and answers are sourced from the most reliable of sources, with every fact checked and double checked by them. By the nature of some of the questions, some do not have answers which are black and white so in those cases they went with the weight of evidence, and the reliability of the respective sources.

I have played this game a couple of times now once at home with my husband Jason and twice with friends online via Zoom.

Shot in the Dark

At home me and Jason each took a turn to ask one of the bizarre, interesting and hilarious questions. Taking educated guesses we each guessed our answer to which we thought was the most logical response before turning the card over. We decided the one in who reaches 10 points will be the winner of the game. The game was fun and full of wacky outcomes with many which I would of never even believed. Like I always thought by dropping a coin from the Eiffel Tower would kill someone but apparently not. That the longest prison sentence ever handed out was 141,078 years to a woman whom was charged with defrauding 16,000 people out of a total of 204 million US Dollars but was released from prison after serving eight years. Plus that the most commonly meat eaten in the world is chicken. Shot in the Dark is packed with many bizarre questions making us think and surprised in most cases.

Shot in the Dark

I won in the end.

Shot in the Dark

When it came to playing Shot in the Dark over Zoom with friends the game still was as fun. This time we set a time limit so the one with most points will win. Jason became the games master for the night and read out the questions whilst everyone texted their answer so as no copying others answers before shouting out. Then Jason would reveal the answer astounding us all in most instances. Some questions though can be logically thought out but some are very outside the box. Haydy @squibbvicious won the game in the end as with her logical thinking she thrashed us all.

Shot in the Dark Vol 2

Now out Shot in the Dark Vol 2 with yet more bizarre questions.

I took along on my picnic to Leeds Castle where I played with a few other friends who equally enjoyed it and was surprised by the outcome of the answers. Like who knew the most popular place for selfies if the Eiffel Tower.

Shot in the Christmas Special

Now out Shot in the Christmas Edition full of festive questions.

Shot in the Dark Christmas


Shot in the Dark is a simple game, packed with hundreds of eccentric questions and perfect for playing with friends or family.

The questions are not your usual standard quiz type questions most of the answers relies on logical thinking or speculated guesses so it is a fun game for those whom might not be great at answering your usual general knowledge type questions as this game gives everyone a chance in winning.

So gone with your know-it-all friend winning every time as Shot in the Dark is the ultimate quiz leveller as nobody will know exactly the answer as this game gives everybody the chance to speculate. No boring quiz questions about capital cities or the Beatles first number one.

Experiencing it for myself Shot in the Dark is great fun to play with family or friends be it in person or over Zoom.

Everyone I played Shot in the Dark with thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is what they said

“A game that really makes you think and question your knowledge of the world around you. It’s engaging and fun, the incorrect guesses provide just as much as enjoyment as discovering unique facts!”
Fiona @funthings29

“It was hilarious fun. The questions are so random and answers even more fascinating. A good alternative to quizzes.”
Mei @msprettyxcool

“It reminded me a bit of QI, the answers could do with having more of an explanation with them. Fun game though, different from a straight forward quiz.”
Louise @elski2

Shot in the Dark is the perfect game to play with friends online or in person! It creates a lot of laugher and finally makes all those random facts you know super useful!

Haydy @squibbvicious

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who cannot get enough fun facts and useless knowledge really gets you pondering and leaves you stunned in most cases. Only thing I would say though is that I would like to see more explanation for the answers.

Perfect for dinner parties, family gatherings, pre-drinks, games nights, travelling , holidays, etc. and great as a gift.

Shot in the Dark buy now

Shot in the Dark the ultimate unorthodox quiz game.

The ultimate quiz leveller, nobody knows the answers, those who can’t make an educated guess can take a shot in the dark.

One simple game, hundred of eccentric questions, perfect for playing with friends or family.

Age 12+
Players 2+

Contact them at

Alternatively purchase via my shop.

Thank you to Shot in the Dark for an eccentric and fun game. All views are my own honest opinion.

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