Roots Soda Company popping with vegetables, fruits and herbs

Have you ever had a soda which is healthy and packed with bursting hits of vegetables, fruit and herbs? No? then look no further as Roots Soda Company provides just that as their sodas are crammed with mother natures best.

Did you know that the World Health Organisation recommends adults have no more than 25g of free sugars a day?. But fear not as with Roots Sodas they are healthier than most sodas as their drinks contain 49-69% less resulting in a healthy soda.

I was gifted a selection of sodas on a PR sample to taste at home.

Roots Soda Company

Roots Soda Company popped up in Granton, Edinburgh back in 2012 by founder Mark Pool who wanted to bring to the world healthier sodas free from free sugar.

All of their sodas are combined with a variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs creating unique flavours such as beetroot, pink grapefruit, and rose, because they are all about being inventive.

All of their vegetables come from a local fruit and veg market which they juice resulting in a tasty soda with a lot less sugar than your average soda. In fact their sodas are healthier and contain 49-69% less free sugars (table sugar, maple syrup, honey, agave syrup) than other sodas. Why? as their sodas just use the natural sugars from the fruit and vegetable juice used within. Plus they do not use concentrates, artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, or preservatives as their sodas are made only from real ingredients which are lightly processed.

Lightly processed means that they squeeze fresh fruit and vegetables for their juice, which is then pasteurised. Fresh herbs and whole spices are steeped, or simmered, and then pasteurised too. Their pasteurised ingredients are then blended together with raw cane sugar and filtered water.

Taste of the earth

Roots Soda Company sell 6 unique different sodas all of which come in a can wrapped in paper.

Upon opening each instantly I was blown away by the amazing colours of the sodas and the smell.

I Need My Girl is a soda packed with rose, beetroot & pink grapefruit flavours. This soda is tangy and has a unique hit of flavour from the rose used within.

Superposition is a soda full of white grapefruit, hop & clove soda. Refreshing with grapefruit but the notes of cloves overpower it a little.

Holocene is a soda full of strawberry, orange, carrot, & lavender soda. This is a unique combination and works beautifully together giving notes of the fruits used within then a subtle floral hit of the lavender.

In For The Kill is a soda full of cherry Kola. This is just how it sounds cola with cherries.

Howl is full of orange, smoked paprika & crushed chilli soda. Orangey, smoky with hits of heat from the chilli used within.

Lovebug is full of apple, celery & coriander soda. Full of apple and celery juice with a swipe of coriander so if you love coriander you’ll love this very green healthy drink.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

These sodas are so unique to any other sodas I have ever had packed with vegetables, fruit and herbs and being far more healthier than most other sodas. All upon pouring looked stunning in colour and full of fizz and loaded with unique flavours. I did like some but some I personally they were not for me but that is only because their are certain vegetables and herbs which I don’t like. However I can see why people would like most of them as they are loaded with fruit, vegetables and herbs giving a refreshing healthy tasty soda and with every sip you are in the knowledge and comfort of knowing that you are drinking a healthy soda.

Highly recommend if you love vegetables, fruit and herbs combine making a unique flavour. Your taste-buds will be tingling with flavour and brain popping with the explosive hit.

Roots Soda Company order yours

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Thank you to Roots Soda Company for a unique explosion of flavour. All views our my own honest opinion.

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