Wild Life Botanicals low ABV sparkling wines

Have you ever tasted a Cornish wine before which is not just bubbly and full of citrus notes but one that is just gluten free, vegan friendly, 0.5% ABV, contains less than 35 calories per glass and provides you full of vitamins? No, then look no further as Wild Life Botanicals provides just that, a great tipple to enjoy anytime during your day without the fear of getting drunk or even a hangover.

Courtesy of Wild Life Botanicals I was given a PR sample of their Nude botanical wine to taste in the comfort of my own home.

Wild Life Botanticals

Wild Life Botanicals are a pioneering sparkling wine company that is set to raise the bar by introducing the exciting new concept of #BubblesWithBenefits.

Founder Ellie Bradshaw known in the food & drink hospitality industry she yearned for a wine that was low in ABV, sophisticated and an alternative to the traditionally high ABV wines, Champagnes and Prosecco’s so she began to research and eventually started to produce her own ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine that dialled back on alcohol at the same time dialled up on the health and wellness benefits.

Following months of innovative product development with a specialist team including a highly respected naturopath and medical herbalist; a leading international oenologist; an award-winning taste and sensory developer; master brewer and food scientist, Wild Life Botanicals was born.

Crafted in Cornwall and unlike anything else on the market, Wild Life Botanicals is a new kind of drink for a new generation of conscious drinkers that want a no limits way of life with no compromise.

Their botanical wine is ultra-low in alcohol yet ultra-high in goodness. Their unique English bubbly is crafted in Cornwall, and is infused with an uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals and botanicals each chosen for their health-giving properties. Their elixir also delivers a minimum 15% of your daily reference intake.

At only 0.5% ABV and less than 35 calories per glass, Wild Life Botanicals champions a ‘no limits’ lifestyle.

Sip of nature

Wild Life Botanticals Nude white wine arrived within a magnetic-closure glossy white box with a sleeve wrap incorporating abstracts from an original piece of artwork ‘Ecosystem’ by Cornish artist Sarah Trewhella which made me start thinking of the beautiful Cornish countryside from meadows and fields.

Sliding off the sleeve and opening the box there was the 75cl bottle of Wild Life Botanicals Nude which was like sunrise being lifted with it’s golden colour of pure plant based wine.

Wild Life Botanical

Popping open the bottle I was immediately hit by an array of zesty tones of lemon and bursts of rosemary.

I discovered that this wine in fact provides a mix of vitamins, minerals and five fabulous botanicals; Lemon Balm, Damask Rose, Ashwagandha, Rosemary and Damiana giving this drink an altogether healthier punch.

The benefits of these vitamins, minerals and botanicals are as follows:

  • Lemon Balm (Melissa ocinalis)
    Lifts the spirits, relieves palpitations, calms anxiety, supports good digestive health.
  • Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena)
    Anti-inflammatory, strengthens the heart, soothes digestive upset, mood-boosting.
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
    Balances blood sugar levels, lowers stress hormones, encourages better quality sleep whilst lifting energy and mood. Overall tonic ect. 
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus ocinalis)
    An antioxidant that soothes digestion and boosts the immune system. Stimulates circulation of blood to the head, improves hair growth, concentration and memory.
  • Damiana (Turnera diusa)
    Aphrodisiac, stimulant, energy tonic, mood lifting.  

Plus Wild Life Botanical wine is gluten free and vegan friendly.

Wild Life


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I enjoyed the Wild Life Botanical Nude straight which provided a very refreshing sip and plenty of bubbles with tones of lemon zesty notes and even banana oddly but knowing upon each sip that it is packed with vitamins and minerals was a plus. However the best part about this botanical wine is knowing that it is low in alcohol so can be enjoyed anytime during the day.

You can though however mix up Wild Life Botanical with juices and other spirits to make some wild bespoke cocktails. Click here to check them all out.

I would highly recommend Wild Life Botanical wines if you love a bubbly wine which is classy, packed with flavour, low in alcohol, healthy, gluten free and vegan friendly.

Wild Life Botanical order yours

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Order yours now of either their Nude white wine at £25 or Blush their rose wine at £15.

Discover more click here.

Thanks to Wild Life Botanical for the Nude wine it was delicious. All views are my own honest opinion.


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