Truckle Cheese British cheese at it’s best

Good cheese always leads to great conversation and this cheese by Truckle is certainly one to shout out about as their cheese is the most tastiest and creamiest cheese I have ever had.

On a courtesy basis I was given a PR sample of their hamper full of cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Truckle Cheese

Truckle Cheese is passionate about British cheese so they only ever source and sell outstanding and delicious tasting British cheeses and accompaniments.

Their heart is in the rural farming community and with over 15 years within this specialist sector they are highly trusted from the quality and consistency of their produce.

Featured on television and in specialist magazines such as BBC Good Food and popping up at many food festivals / country shows right across the UK, throughout the year you’ll see why Truckle Cheese is so popular.

Many of their customers are chefs at foodie restaurants, hotels and bistros as well as other specialist caterers but we also look after discerning home buyers too.

Cheese, cheese and more cheese

Truckle Cheese sell premium British cheese which provides unique combinations giving great flavour, texture and taste. Their cheeses can be bought separately or as part of a picnic set.

Upon receiving my picnic set courtesy of Truckle Cheese I was highly impressed upon opening the cute wicker basket and seeing an array of different British Cheeses which were all wrapped in wax casings keeping the cheese at it’s freshest.

Truckle Cheese hamper

In total within my hamper I had seven cheeses to munch my way through plus a jar of Caramelised Onion and Caramelised Onion crackers.

The Caramelised Onion was delightful with a sweetness and great pieces of sliced onion within giving it a thick consistency. The crackers had a great crunch to them and a lovely subtle hint of onion with each bite.

However the main star of this hamper was the British cheese by Truckle Cheese.

To enjoy my first bite of Truckle Cheese I decided to enjoy a very British Cheese picnic in my garden as it was a lovely and sunny day. I decided to firstly start of with the Wensleydale Cheese With Lemon And Honey as lemons are my favourite fruit.

Truckle Cheese

Upon unwrapping the wax away from the cheese immediately I could see how creamy the cheese was and had notes of lemon hitting my nose making me start to drool.

The cheese did not disappoint at all once I took a nibble of the cheese, it provided a creamy, milky, soft and zesty punch of lemon with hints of honey. It was pure bliss.

Truckle cheese

Next I tried the English Farmhouse Mature Cheddar Cheese which provided a rugged yet smooth and creamy full flavoured farmhouse mature Cheddar cheese which is made from pasteurised cows milk. Creamiest Cheddar ever.

Truckle Cheese

This Cheddar is most certainly one of the best Cheddar’s I have ever had as it literally melted in the mouth.

Truckle Cheese Smoked

The next day I decided to enjoy the Smoked Cheddar within a cheesy toasty which really worked well. It was creamy, Cheddary and provided a great smokiness of flavour.

The week after I took the rest of the cheese to enjoy with family in which they all loved the cheeses as of it’s texture and creaminess they provide.  

Truckle Cheese British Cheese

Starting off with The Cheddar Cheese With Caramelised Onion this cheese was perfectly blended together tantalising the taste buds with a caramelised tangy onion flavour with a creamy cheesy milk flavour. I am not one for onions but this cheese I must admit really did surprise me and I loved it from its notes of caramelisation from the onions to the creamiest of the cheese which literally melted in my mouth. My family also loved this cheese and was their favourite from the selection I enjoyed with them.

Truckle Cheese

Next was the The Chilli & Lime Cheddar Cheese which provided a creamy mature Cheddar which was perfectly blended with chilli, green peppers and jalapenos giving that real kick of warmth. A lovely cheese if you love a hit of chilli. We all liked it.

Truckle Cheese

The Double Gloucester with Spring Onions gives a hint of spring onions along with the creamy milky Cheddar. So if you love spring onions this cheese is a must. This cheese we all felt ever though was lovely we preferred the caramelised onion one as this was a lot more stronger in onion flavour.

Truckle Cheese

This Cheddar Cheese with Truffles is pungent in taste with truffle which was a little too strong for my liking but if you love truffles then this cheese would be perfect. My family certainly liked it but they like truffles. They said it provided the right notes of earthiness.

All the cheeses though which I was gifted were all a wonderful delight full of great flavours and texture. My favourite though was definitely the Wensleydale Cheese With Lemon And Honey as it was unlike an other fruity cheese I have ever had from its creamiest to the zesty notes of lemon it provided. So creamy, refreshing and moorish.

Cheese love

Truckle Cheese is one of the best cheeses I have ever eaten from the texture, creaminess and flavours they provide. I love how they all come wrapped in wax coverings keeping the cheeses fresh.

All their cheeses are great be it for putting in your sandwich, using for meals, picnics, celebrations and more. They are also great as a gift option for family, friends or workplace colleagues or for a wedding reception.

If you love creamy cheese as much as I do then I would highly recommend Truckle British cheeses.

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Thanks to Truckle Cheese for the delicious cheese. All views are my own honest opinion.

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