Agent Venture online can you take down B.A.D. Corp

Ever wanted to secretly take on a heist but too scared to actually do it in real life? Then never fear as Agent Venture gives you that opportunity with their heist games where you can come a secret spy on a mission in the comfort of your own home.

I was kindly invited back to help Agent Venture tackle two missions on a PR basis along with friends.

Agent Venture online

Have you ever wanted to be part of a heist?

Become a team of secret agents, and execute a daring heist from the comfort of your own home.

Agent Venture Episode 1 The Heist
Agent Venture Episode 2 The Cyborg

​With a live cast, and digital clues to guide you, all you need is a computer and phone to play online and be a hero from your sofa!

Question is can you and your friends pull together to save the day and expose the crimes of an evil corporation?

Becoming secret agents

Agent Venture

Invited back to take on two missions I partnered up with my friends Bianca, David and Lynsey to help Agent Venture take on two different missions.

Agent Venture

Agent Venture Episode 1 The Heist

Agent Venture stands outside the HQ of B.A.D. Corp, ready to expose their many crimes. But they can’t succeed alone. You and your friends must help them infiltrate the HQ, navigate the labyrinth corridors, hack doors, distract guards, bluff past nosey receptionists, and more.

Few months back I tested out Heist for them but now it’s all new and improved so I took on the challenge once again with a few friends, old and new.

The mission was for us to help guide our agent safely through a large corporate facility to retrieve documents which will expose The B.A.D. Corp. crimes.

Before taking on the challenge we had to choose our roles from a Navigator, Hacker, Researcher, Communicator and if playing in a team of five there is the coordinator. As we were a team of four players though there was no need for the coordinator role, which in effect is someone who helps out others with their roles if they are struggling. I took on the role of the Navigator, Bianca Researcher, Lynsey Communicator and David Hacker. We were then each sent different links in relation to our roles which consisted of documents and maps for us to help with our role and Agent Venture get through the cooperation facility safely. Communicating and making decisions when it came to me navigating I sifted through my documents to help navigate the agent safely. With our great communication dodging security, dogs, and even sharks we managed to get the agent to the vaults but alas we did not manage to get him back to safety as time run out and the evil agents had returned and we lost out agent, well temporarily.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and my role from guiding Agent Venture throughout B.A.D. Corp. facility dodging dogs and communicating with my team. I just wish we had saved him.

Agent Venture Episode 2 Cyborg Island

B.A.D. Corp. CEO Bozo has disappeared. But new intel suggests some sort of secret cybernetics facility on one of their private islands. And of course, it’s underneath a casino. If this is allowed to continue, BAD’s cyborg army could take over the world!

Agent Venture is en-route. Their mission- shut down the facility! Once more they need a crack support team… 

Can you and your friends pull together to save the day and expose the crimes of an evil corporation? 

For the second mission we had another chance to navigate the agent once again this time through a secret cybernetics facility on a private island which had a cyborg army patrolling the island, traps and so much more. Our mission was to help our agent this time stop the cyborg army taking over the world and disarming cybernetic communications and their rocket.

Keeping with our roles from our previous mission we were sent a new batch of documents and maps, which were slightly more complex. With so many different alternate routes this game was a fun challenge but I do feel that myself the Navigator and Hacker got a lot more responsibility on this mission.

Thankfully though this time we did manage to complete the mission and bring Agent Venture home to safety saving all of mankind.

Overall, a very entertaining, if a little stressful, experience.


Agent Venture

Both Agent Venture mission games which I played online with friends were very fun and it really does make you feel like you are on a real mission, well kind of!

It is a great alternate to being stuck in an escape room and gives you the control to manage your Agents outcome from telling him where to go and what to do along with the help and suggestions of your trusted team by your side. It is all completely played through zoom, so you can join in with several different households making it a very good social distancing game, as it’s played from the comfort of your own home.

If you are quite new to escape rooms or heist type games then I highly recommend playing Episode 1 The Heist before taking on the second mission in Cyborg land as that is slightly more complex.

Question is what route would you take, can you work well as a team, will you get your agent to safety before time is up and save the world?

Agent Venture book now

Take on the B.A.D. Corp.

Agent Venture Episode 1 Heist
Agent Venture Episode 2 Cyborg Island

Each event has a dedicated actor running the game.

Put together your crack team of 4-5 friends, and be ready to work together. Your team will have a dedicated actor running a game exclusively for your team. It’s small, exclusive, and extremely interactive. Pick your roles, and collaborate to pull off a successful mission.

60 minutes and counting can you beat the clock, take on a mission, navigate, communicate, research, hack and help take down B.A.D. Corp and get your agent to safety.

Thank you to Agent Venture for the missions. All views our my own honest opinion.

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