Six by Nico London brings six courses to tantalise your taste-buds

Six by Nico has now popped up within Charlotte Street, London. Initially it was supposed to open much earlier in the year but due to the pandemic it was delayed. Six by Nico provides an ongoing 6 course tasting menu which is changed every six weeks, hence the name Six by Nico.

I had the pleasure in attending on a complimentary basis as an ambassador of Six by Nico to attend Nico’s restaurant to taste he’s first tasting menu concept ‘The Chippie’ and I was reeled in right from the start from the friendly staff to the delicious food.

Six by Nico

Nico Simeone whom is a Scottish chef learned his trade at Michelin-starred Number One at Balmoral before opening the much vaunted 111 in Glasgow before moving into the bistro game himself in March 2017 with his first restaurant Six by Nico in Glasgow his home town. Within a year, he launched a sister restaurant in Edinburgh. 2019 Nico added four more Six by Nico restaurants to his portfolio one in Belfast, Manchester, another in Glasgow and one in Liverpool. Now he brings Six by Nico to London with further plans of popping up with potentially one in Dublin, and a second in London.

Learn more about Nico and watch his four part series as it shows his mission to take his brand across the UK.

Six by Nico concept is simple, a new six course tasting menu every six weeks giving diners fine dining experience with a twist. The Chippie was his first themed six course tasting menu which he served at his original Glasgow restaurant and he has now bought it back upon his reopening after being closed down for a couple of months due to the pandemic.

The Chippie 2.0 is taken from a former theme and is a twist on a British favourite Fish & Chips. The Chippie though was not just his first ever six course tasting menu which he served back in 2017 but also it is a tribute to his Italian grandparents who owned a chip shop business back in the day. The dishes are all inspired by the nostalgic flavours of battered fish and smoked saveloys.

“The Chippie was originally designed to bring a sense of fun & nostalgia, and when talking to our team and Six by Nico community about which menu we wanted to re-open with, it was clear we wanted to bring those feelings back.

When we launched our restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh, The Chippie was hugely popular so not only does this mean our existing customers get the opportunity to experience a new version, but it gives us the chance to share it with even more people the second time around.”

Chef Nico Simeone

The Chippie 2.0 (20 July to 6 September) six course tasting menu is designed to offer classical fine dining experience at a broadly accessible price point the full six course experiences costs £35 per head with an optional wine float available for a further £33.

All his other past themed menus are based on Nico childhood memories from visits to New York to Mexico and will be returning with unique takes.

Six by Nico fine dining at its best

Heading into London since lock-down was a bit daunting but when I was invited to attend Nico newest restaurant Six by Nico in London I could not resist.

Travelling into London by train, bus and walking it was clear to see many people were not obeying the government rules but once I had walked into Six by Nico my fears were lifted as they made me feel welcome from the off.

The 76 seated restaurant is beautifully decorated, spaced out and has a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant design as you can see from my photos is smart, polished and is nicely lit with intimate lighting.

The kitchen is an open kitchen with a pass which gives guests a great look into the kitchen and see the chefs happy at work.

Chippie 2.0 unwrapped

Six by Nico menu

The Chippie 2.0 menu brings re-imagined chip shop staples from the iconic coupling of fish & chips.

  • Chips & Cheese – Potato croquette coated in vinegar powder which will be served alongside a parmesan espuma drizzled with curry oil.
  • Scampi – Scrabster Monkfish cheek on a bed of wild garlic emulsion, gribiche, peas and beurre blanc
  • Steak Pie – Speyside beef shin shredded, burnt onion ketchup, mushroom duxelle and meaty salsa
  • Fish Supper – Shetland cod on top of confit fennel, samphire beer emulsion and pickled mussels
  • Smoked Sausage – Trio of pork, apple, black pudding, salt-baked celeriac and choucroute
  • Deep Fried Mars Bar – Deep fried Mars Bar with Caramelia, chocolate mousse, blood orange sorbet and cocoa nib

All for just £35. Plus a matching wine pairing can be added at just an extra £33 each.   

As an added extra you can also purchase at £7.50

  • Sourdough Bread, Shellfish Butter – Filo Cannelloni filled with taramasalata, keta caviar and crème fraiche

The price for the whole tasting menu is less than half the price of other tasting menus within London making this menu not just exciting of the culinary delights on offer but the price making it affordable for all.

Nico wanted to bring an exciting but affordable six course tasting menu to his diner and this certainly does cover that.

I enjoyed the six course tasting menu along with the wine pairing plus I bought the additional side of the Sourdough Bread, Shellfish Butter.

Sourdough Bread, Shellfish Butter (Filo Cannelloni / Taramasalata / Lemon Gel / Keta Caviar)

I loved how the shellfish filo cannelloni came on a bed of stones which made me instantly think of the beach. The cannelloni had a lovely crunch to it and the mousse within and gel gave a real refreshing creamy zesty tang. The bread was fresh and fluffy and the shellfish butter worked beautifully giving it that saltiness.   

Chips & Cheese (Parmesan Espuma & Crisp / Curry Oil / Brandade Croquette / Vinegar Powder / Brown Sauce)

I loved how this came served on a piece of paper looking like newspaper headlines gave it that real element as if I was in a fish & chip shop in which you have your chips wrapped in newspaper. However rather than some chips this was a cheesy croquette instead to represent a large fat chip. The croquette was crisp and contained fluffy potato within. The brown sauce worked beautifully giving different taste and texture to how you liked when eating the croquette. Plus the side cheese sauce was absolutely delicious along with the hint of the curry oil.  

Scrabster Monkfish (Cheek / Dill Emulsion / Gribiche / Peas / Beurre Blanc)

This was a lovely succulent piece of monkfish within a crisp breadcrumb a much more luxurious take on your normal scampi.  

The wine which was paired with this dish was a glass of Casa de Vila Nova, Vinho Verde from Portugal. It is full of fruity citrus and floral notes. Delicate, subtle with a complex fruity character.

Steak Pie (Speyside Beef Shin / Burnt Onion Ketchup / Mushroom Duxelle / ‘Meaty Salsa’)

The steak pie was more like slow cooked beef with a crumb type topping but it worked perfectly. The meat was so rich and literally flaked apart and melted in the mouth. The sauces worked beautifully with the meat giving it that extra tanginess.

The wine that was paired with this dish was a glass of El Porvenir de Vafayate, Amauta Malbec from Argentina.  It is a deep ruby red with notes of red berry fruits of raspberries and cherries. There are also gentle spice notes of vanilla, chocolate and coffee.

Fish Supper (Shetland Cod / Pickled Mussels / Confit Fennel / Samphire / Beer Emulsion)

Even though a smaller piece of cod in which I was expecting it was so fresh and tasty. The cod was white, flaky and melted in the mouth with each bite. The other elements to the dish worked beautifully giving a taste of the cheese with a hint of beer notes making me feel like I was at the seaside.

The wine that was paired with this dish was a glass of Boutinot, La Fleur Solitaire, Cotes du Rhone Blanc from France.

Fresh, medium-bodied, wine with floral notes. A refreshing and drinkable white.

Smoked Sausage (Trio of Pork / Apple / Black Pudding / Salt Baked Celeriac / Choucroute)

Personally I am not one for sausages but I tried it and I must admit I was surprised by it all.

Firstly what wowed me was when it came over and they lifted the dome off the plate which released smoke.

The trio of pork was succulent and flaked apart, the black pudding was rich in flavour and the chourcroute was tangy, sticky and spicy.  

The wine that was paired with this dish was a glass of Hanewald Schwerdt, Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) from Germany. Refreshing, I could taste strawberry and cherry flavours. An easy drinking red. 

Deep Fried Mars Bar for dessert (Chocolate Pave / Blood Orange Sorbet / Cocoa Nib)

This dish has been done for their original Chippie 1.0 tasting menu and I can see why Nico bought it back as the deep fried Mars Bar ball was a sweet treat. Providing an oily tasting batter with a melted caramel mars bar sensation. The cocoa nib was a little like a rich ganache but in form of a mousse was very chocolatey. The blood orange sorbet was a refreshing element to the dish cleansing the palette with every slurp, why slurp as it seriously melted instantly once it hit the tongue making it more like a drink but it was lovely.  It was certainly a great way to end any night.

The wine that was paired with this dish was a glass of Araldica, Palazzina, Moscato Passito from Italy. A very soft and sweet wine with apricot, pear and honey notes. Just lovely.

Six by Nico me

Six by Nico gave me an experience unlike any fish & chip experience I have ever encountered as The Chippie 2.0 by Nico is a six course fine dining experience with a twist on my British favourite take out. I am excited to see which themed menu he will bring back next with a different take on the original.

Plus I loved the whole atmosphere within the restaurant from the friendly staff to watching the chefs at work.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Six by Nico was a great twist of the classic fish & chips. Every dish which was served was a true delight and a great twist to the classic stables of classic British Chippies.

Six by Nico me

With every dish being exceptional it is hard for me to say which was my favourite but if I had to choose one I would say the Fish Supper as I love cod and this dish certainly did provide an explosion of taste from the samphire to the beer emulsion and was a true delight and literally the fish just flaked and melted in the mouth upon each bite. Plus its healthier than your battered fish & chips.    

So if you love fish & chips I would highly recommend visiting Six by Nico before 6 September and indulge on Nicos take on the classic Chippie.

Six by Nico kitchen

If fish is not your thing though the theme changes every six weeks so be sure to check nearer September to see which other theme Nico will be bringing back from his past which have been Vietnamese Street Food, Child Hood, New York, Forest, Mexico, Route 66, Sicily, Picnic by Nico.

No matter when you go though Six by Nico in London brings a great atmosphere, friendly staff, happy chefs, delicious food and provides an exceptional experience, with Nicos memories and childhood take on his culinary journeys will now live within your memory forever.

Plus the price is less than half the price of other tasting menus within London making this menu not just exciting of the culinary delights on offer but the price is very affordable.

Which theme appeals to you the most?  

Six by Nico book now

Six by Nico
41 Charlotte Street

T: 020 7580 8143

Enjoy a six course unique tasting menu by Chef Nico and his team in London or one of his other many restaurants.  

Bookings are now live click here to make a reservation or to find out more.

If like me you are a little nervous about social distancing procedures etc. you can learn more about all the well-being elements which Six by Nico has put in place by clicking here

Plus any other questions in regards to dress code, table sizes etc can be found by clicking here   

Thank you to Six by Nico and AKA Comms for the unique experience like no other the Chippie will live in my memories forever. All views are my own honest opinion.

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