Sublime Butter is utterly sublime

I use butter everyday but usually butter that is plain never one that has been packed with other flavours so when I heard about Sublime’s various Buttery delights I just had to try them.

On a courtesy basis I was given as a PR sample some of their different butters.

Sublime Butter

Sublime Butter is made from fine ingredients, which are sourced in Britain. Their butters are churned at Brue Valley Farm, right in the heart of Somerset, and flavoured with only the finest ingredients.

Their range includes

  • Pink Himalayan Butter
  • Garlic & Herb
  • Garlic, Rosemary & Mint
  • Truffle, Parmesan & Black Pepper
  • Chimichurri
  • Bearnaise

Butter, butter and more butter

I received three different types of Sublime Butter to try at home and each were equally as sublime.

Sublime Pink Himalayan is a creamy butter with Himalayan salt crystals creating the perfect balance of savouriness without overpowering the richness of the butter. Perfect dolloped on cooked meat, on vegetables and beautiful with seafood.

I used mine on my pork chops to give it that extra creamy buttery taste and I used within my prawn chilli dish. The butter gave each dish a lovely taste of creamy butter and that hit of Himalayan saltiness.

Sublime Chimichurri Butter is fresh with herbs of parsley and oregano, plus married with salt, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, chilli flakes & garlic. This butter works beautifully with meat, over vegetables or even within pasta.

I melted mine over my lamb steak which worked beautifully giving it that punchiness from the herbs and a hit of heat from the chilli within. A little too hot for me from the chilli kick but has got a lovely taste.

Sublime Bernaise Butter is produced in Glastonbury. It is packed with tarragon leaves and has vinegar, lemon juice, bay leaves, pink Himalayan salt and ground white pepper. A perfect accompaniment to a resting steak or with vegetables.

I used mine on my carrots to give them that extra herby taste of tarragon it did work well but slightly overpowering so I would say this butter is more perfect on meat instead.

In fact all of their butters are great for melting over cooked meat, use in pasta, coated over vegetables, spread on bread, perfect for mashed potato or simply for frying with.

Which Sublime butter would you use and for what?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sublime Butter is very buttery and flavoursome no wonder they are called Sublime Butter as their butter truly is sublime. It is in fact the most buttery, creamiest and flavoursome butter I have ever had.

So if you are looking for a very British top quality butter with a difference then I highly recommend Sublime butter.

Sublime Butter buy now

Sublime butter produce quality butter which can be purchased from various butchers, farm shops, fish mongers & delicatessens.

Find your nearest supplier click here.

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