BuckBuck Games get wacky with friends online

Get wacky with BuckBuck Games as you design your own adventure or fate with friends.

I and my friends were taken on a wacky adventure courtesy of Ben and his team through lands of wackiness and even took part in a fun unique quiz which was full of complete and utter nonsense, no general knowledge required!

BuckBuck Games

They have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014.

Their story writers, actors, puzzle designers, model makers and art directors all work toward one goal and that is FUN.

They provide many wacky games to play from:

Online fun

Questiny – from the creator of the multi award winning show ‘MMORPG’ and ‘KNIGHTMARE LIVE’ comes an all new team adventure Questiny. Take on a perilous quest The Rescue, The Heist, The Haunted House, The Cult, The Library or The Cops and take on your adventure. Meet your live host online, choose bizarre heroic attributes, gather peculiar provisions, and prepare to embark on a ludicrously fantastical experience. As in this realm you can be the hero you’ve always wanted to be, even if that is a warrior with deadly toaster hands!

Bantquest – hit the nightclub of your dreams with your most dedicated squad in a quest to get your club banger played by the one and only DJ MEGABANTZ. Meet your live interactive host, and get ready to take you and your friends on an adventure with all the thrills of a nightclub, without the spills of your drink! Create your characters and roll the dice of chance to achieve TOP BANTZ STATUS in this 90 minute experience. Make decisions as you and your team pick your destiny through your co-created escapade, meeting new characters and challenges on the way. Question is will you be able to blag your into the nightclub, get through backroom areas, and meet the top DJ?

The Lords Apprentice – Take on live team tasks to appease Lord Sugarplums in the game that means business. Compete and cooperate using ruthless tactics to climb your way to the top without getting fired! Backstabbing and grovelling goes a long way in this race to become the Lord’s Apprentice through this immersive challenge!

Challenge Zoltar – Take on your favourite fortune teller in the fun fuelled online game hosted by the mighty Zoltar! Your team will take turns in asking Zoltar crucial questions to determine the truth about that strange and illusive thing we call THE FUTURE! Listen carefully and gather clues to gain valuable insights, you may choose to gain more info, or use your guess. Get it right and you could win BIG! Get it wrong, and fall fortune to Zoltar’s bidding!

Big Quiz of Utter nonsense A quiz for those who hate quizzes. Put forward your unique suggestions through writing, drawing, mime and whatever other brilliance pops out! This quiz gets you thinking way outside your Zoom box with totally ungoogleable answers!

Team Day Outs

The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar – this adventure is a combination of immersive theatre, escape rooms and murder mystery put together. Guests will be competing, cooperating, trading, bribing and blackmailing their way through curious characters, clues and contraptions as they hunt down the smoking caterpillar.

The Mystery of the Missing Tarts Dining Experience – Add some Wonderland mystery to your meal with interactive characters at your dinner party. Indulge in a tasty storyline served up by the Queen of Hearts, the Hatter, the March Hare and a little appearance by our friendly little Dormouse! Lighthearted fun, games and clues are revealed throughout your courses. You and your guests get to decide who stole the Queen’s tarts in a final court case, before rewarding yourselves with a richly earned desert.

Outside the Box Workshop – A workshop with our creative game maker will encourage a whole new way of identifying problems and goals. Using techniques from advertising, creative tutoring, improvisational theatre, event entertainment, and spiritual theories.

Wacky online fun with BuckBuck Games & friends

With BuckBuck games sadly not being able to present their immersive live games within London or Brighton such as The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar which I played last year they have now popped up with wacky adventures and games which can be played online be it with strangers, colleagues, friends or family.

I and my friends we were gifted an adventures to take our minds to the best nightclub in town on our party adventure with Questiny, took ourselves to a haunted house with Bantquest and competed in a Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense against each other.


photo credit BuckBuck Games

Meeting our host for the night and giving ourselves new identities it was time for us to travel to the greatest nightclub in the universe.

Linking via zoom me and my friends we decided to take our adventure to space to visit the greatest nightclub in the universe and hopefully get the chance to meet the one and only top DJ MEGABANTZ.

A roll of a dice predicted our outcome throughout this 90 minute night on the town sorry I men zoom as we made decisions to give our destiny. We met new characters and was faced with many challenges on the way.

Firstly though we had to try and get into the nightclub in space by convincing the doorman that we were good enough to enter the nightclub, so with our fake ID passes in hand and our glitter ball in tow we stuffed ourselves init and popped out of it all singing and dancing. With a high roll we impressed the doorman and crowds we were let in, there was a pool of filled with alcohol, drones serving drinks and aliens partying on down to the sounds of the famous DJ MEGABANTZ whom we was desperate to meet but to meet him we had to somehow get a pass to the VIP area where he was chilling.

Helping out many characters along the way by flirting with and stealing for we soon eventually got to meet DJ MEGABANTZ and got to dance our way into the night with music hit GOLD.

Question is what would your dream nightclub be like, will you be able to blag your way in, get through VIP areas, and meet top DJ MEGABANTZ?

The whole game is left to your imagination, creativeness and all outcomes are determined by a role of a dice as this is a role play adventure like no other.


Photo credit BuckBuck Games

Taking on a quest with Questiny we decided to help tackle the problem with a haunted house that was scaring the local community.

Firstly we met our host, given an heroic attribute and power. One of my friends became a warrior who was half a sloth & sofa and her power was magical appearing mini fighting sofas, another a bard who was half a giraffe & fish slice and she could hypnotise people with her music, another a thief who was an elephant but had a desk lamp for it’s trunk and could blind people. I was the wizard and I was a unicorn with a whisk as my horn. my power was magic power balls when thrown a fox with big jaws like teeth came raging out of them ready to attack.

We created a land of made of honey and named it The Land of Poo. We met Major Mud to help him solve what was haunting the Haunted House ontop of the hill which was scaring the local community. In return though we each wanted an award for helping so I told the Major I wanted all cruises in the world to belong to me, one of my friends wanted the largest pack of pickled onion crisps, another land in the Land of Poo and another wanted the Major to find her a long term mermaid friend. With our awards in mind we then took on the adventure to tackle dangerous bees, alien farmer martins, and so much more before we got to the haunted house. It was then on solve the mystery of the hauntings and rescuing the town. Thankfully with our high rolling and tackle yet wacky thinking we managed to put the stop to the haunting of the haunted house and gained our awards from the major in which I know live on a cruise ship, well I wish.

Again this whole game was left to our imaginations, creativeness and all outcomes were determined by a role of a dice. Question is which quest would you take on, what will your character consist of and will you be able to take on the mission and solve it.

Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense

Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense
photo credit BuckBuck Games

This quiz is a quiz for people like me who don’t know much about general knowledge but knows how to be wacky. With unique suggestions through writing, drawing, mime and so much more I competed against friends and strangers.

Unfortunately I never won but the quiz was a right laugh full of silliness.

Wacky is the word

All of BuckBuck Games and quiz’s are wacky and very unique as all outcomes from any of their events all heavily rely on yourself and the people you play along with at the time. Question is what adventure will you endure.

So if you love partying, being wacky and love a lot of utter nonsense then BuckBuck Games is the type of experience for you. It certainly was for me.

BuckBuck Games get wacky book now

Become wacky book your adventure now be it

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Get wacky, get silly and create your own adventure.

Thank you for BuckBuck Games for the game of wacky adventures. All views are my own honest opinion.

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