Skinny Tonic popping with taste

As one that has been warned to watch what I eat and how much sugar I consume as I am on the verge of becoming a diabetic I feared how would I enjoy a fruity soda again but thankfully I did not need to fear as I was gifted courtesy of Skinny Tonics a selection of their sodas which contain no sugar, contains nothing artificial and low zero calories. As their tonic drinks are a healthier choice and don’t compromise on taste.

Skinny Tonic

Skinny Tonic are producers of tonics and currently they sell eight flavours, Indian, Aromatic, Skinny Med, Cucumber, Clear Coffee, Ginger Ale, Light Citrus and British Raspberry.

Skinny Tonic is

  • sugar free – instead they use completely natural plant-based sweetener called Stevia to naturally sweeten their tonics.
  • Nothing Artificial – all organic produce are used in their tonics
  • Vegan friendly – no dairy or animal produce
  • Tonic Keto friendly – zero carbs and therefore Keto friendly

Skinny Tonic popping with taste

Being cautious in how much sugar I intake it was great when I heard about Skinny Tonics are they are completely sugar free. Meaning no unexpected sugar spikes. At present they sell eight different flavoured tonics all which contain nothing artificial and low zero in calories.

Skinny Tonic

Upon receiving a selection of Skinny Tonics I was impressed how they came in a hard white box and once opening the box I was hit by the lovely pastel colours of each can making me think of rainbows and sunny days.

Popping open a tonic or two

All of Skinny Tonics use spring water from Staffordshire, contains nothing artificial and no sugar.

Skinny Tonic

Upon popping open a Skinny Tonic British Raspberry which has a blend of lemons and bitter orange I knew I was going to be in for a real treat.

This tonic uses Staffordshire spring water and is slightly bitter but has lovely notes of the British raspberries resulting in a refreshing clean and crisp drink.

Skinny Tonic

The Skinny Tonic Med is a blend of fresh citrus, thyme, floral and sweet basil.

This tonic is a taste of the Mediterranean canned. Fragrant with notes of Mediterranean fruit and herbs. A delicate, yet sophisticated tonic water with a floral finish.

Skinny Tonic

The Skinny Tonic Indian is a combination of Sicilian lemon, bitter orange and thyme.

Bitter but a very clean and crisp tonic.

Skinny Tonic

The Skinny Ginger Ale is a blend of gingers and scotch bonnet.

This is a very fiery tonic with hits of the scotch bonnet along with ginger resulting in a powerful punch to the tastebuds.

Skinny Tonic

The Skinny Tonic Aromatic is a blend of aromatic botanicals and spices.

With a blend of aromatic botanicals, such as cardamom, pimento berry and warm ginger, this tonic works well for all occasion as it is light and refreshing.

The Skinny Tonic Cucumber is made from the cucumber essence.

The cucumber gives this soda a refreshing tonic with crisp notes. Perfect summer drink or as a cleanser during meals.

Plus they sell Skinny Tonic Light Citrus which is a fresh blend of citrus from lemons, limes and oranges and Skinny Tonic Clear Coffee which has added essence of Arabica Coffee Bean but unfortunately I did not have samples of these to try but I am sure both equally they would be as good as all their other drinks.

Which appealed to you the most?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

These tonics are great for those who are looking for a tonic with a slight difference. They are all very refreshing but some I felt was a little too mild in flavour but nerveless they are still very refreshing and great in taste even though there was no sugar.

So if you are looking for a refreshing, tasty and healthier botanical drink that contains no sugar, nothing artificial and spring water then these certainly do provide just that.

Skinny Tonics order yours

Skinny Tonics

Order yours now from either:
Megamix Pack
British Raspberry
Tonic Med
Tonic Indian
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Tonic Aromatic
Tonic Cucumber
Tonic Light Citrus
Tonic Clear Coffee

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Thank you to Skinny Tonics for a great healthier alternate to those fizzy sodas. All views are my own honest opinion.

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