Friendship Adventure hop to it drink a GOOD beer

Friendship Adventure, drink good beer with good friends and that is so true as they provide good beer and great to enjoy with friends.

I was gifted a few PR sample of their different beers to try out at home and each were equally as good, even my friends thought so and said “wow that is GOOD beer”.

Friendship Adventure

Friendship Adventure are a brewery who brew refreshing, sessionable beer.

Their brewery started as a plan hatched between friends, and they love to see other groups of friends come together to do something special. That’s why they host regular comedy nights; a place to come together, drink their beer, and laugh with friends.

They care about what you drink, but also care about where you drink it, and with who, and why.

Friendship Adventure also do a home delivery service so you can enjoy their good beer in the comfort of your own home be it just for yourself, or to share with friends and family whilst eating, chilling in the garden or watching a game of footie together.

Friendship Adventure hope to it drink a GOOD beer

Friendship Adventure beer is so good once you crack a can open you will want another.

I was kindly sent a few of Friendship Adventure beers to enjoy at home and I was very impressed with not just the look but also the taste.

Their can design is so different to any other beer can I have ever come across with a comic style image making me think of those days I used to read comics.

Cracking open their beers I was instantly hit by refreshing beer, giving me notes of brewed hops.

Caper is their signature modern lager. Which is mild, refreshing and crisp.

Stowaway is their signature IPA which is crisp, full of hops and powerful in flavour.

Stowaway beer was my favourite out of the two as was not as strong as Caper beer giving a more refreshing easy drinking beer. My all time new favourite.

What is the difference though you might be asking between an IPA beer and a lager?. Well IPA uses larger amounts of hops and is made with a higher alcohol content than other beers. Plus this type of beer uses top-fermenting yeast, unlike lager. Thus creating a stronger, more bitter flavor.

Their other beer they sell is called tightfive, detour and headliner which I am sure will also be good tasting beer.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Friendship Adventure is good beer, good sip, and good times.

Their beer cans are impressive, the beer within is golden and tastes so GOOD. A great beer to sit back and enjoy by yourself or with friends.

One of the most refreshing and easy drinking beers you can have in my opinion.

Which design do you like the most Stowaway or Caper?

Friendship Beer get yours now

Friendship Beer can be enjoyed at a number of restaurants, bars, salons and purchased from a number of retailers. Click here to check out all locations.

Alternatively Friendship Beer can be purchased online

Mixed pack tasting pack
Single beer case
Mixed case
opfc 1871 ipa

Discover more click here.

Thank you Friendship Adventure for the beers, so good. All views are my own honest opinion.

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