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Even though I love a drink from time to time, again I unfortunately don’t have a stash of spirits hidden under my stairs, seriously I don’t and I’m no mixologist so thanks to Sip & Co. when I yearn for a classic cocktail be it an Espresso Martini or a Pornstar Martini their Make It Yourself home delivered gift boxes make it easy and quick.

I was gifted a PR sample of Sip & Co. Make It Yourself classic cocktail kit where I got to recreate my very own Zombie at home.

Sip & Co.

Sip & Co.s home deliver classic cocktail Make It Yourself kits which are all clearly labelled and provides minimal effort, to recreate.

No need to be a pro as their kits are easy as 1, 2, 3 just open the box, follow the instructions, pour, shake and drink.

Their mission is to provide you with cocktails of the exact same standard you would receive in a cocktail bar. With that in mind they don’t supply fresh ingredients within their kits as to keep the price down so their kits last much longer. As they appreciate that you don’t necessarily want to drink all of your cocktails within 3 days. Unless specifically stated on the bottle most alcohol in their Cocktail kits will last almost indefinitely. The mixers included in kits generally have at least several months before their best before date.

Zombie at home

Looking for a novel cocktail to serve at my annual Halloween party and as never having a Zombie before I was excited to hear that Sip & Co. done a Make Kit Yourself Zombie.

The box arrives beautifully stashed with all your survival needs to make a spooktacular Zombie with a bottle of rum, grenadine, pineapple juice and a cocktail umbrella.

Sip & Co menu

All you need is a cocktail shaker, spirit measure, glass, ice and fresh lime for the garnish.

Sip & Co cocktails at home

A Zombie is a Tiki classic, which is packed with rum and sure to lead you staggering like a zombie afterwards.

Sip & Co

The instruction card provided is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with easy clear instructions and before you know it you will not just be drinking a Zombie but walking around like a zombie.

Sip & Co

The Zombie was fun to make and I loved the blood effect from the grenadine. It tasted fruity from the pineapple and has a sweet-tart syrup taste from the grenadine followed by the spiciness and heat of the rum. Spooktactular.

What cocktail would you like to recreate at home and why?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sip & Co. Make It Yourself cocktail box comes provided with easy clear instructions and all the elements to make the perfect cocktail at home with no worry of having to drink it within the next few days.

The Zombie cocktail was fun to make and provided a great tasting cocktail, I especially loved the idea of dripping the grenadine down on the inside of the glass to make it look like blood, however when I poured into my Hurricane Tall Glass it only seemed to make 1 glass rather than 2 servings. However my glasses are quite large and maybe I did not add enough ice afterwards.

So if you are looking for a novel gift idea or a easy cocktail kit then I highly recommend Sip & Co.

Sip & Co. cocktails at home order yours

Sip & Co. are suppliers of Make It Yourself cocktail kits

  1. Choose your favourite cocktail
  2. They will send you the ingredients and instructions
  3. Make your cocktail within the comfort of your own home

All the cocktail kits serve a minimum of 2 cocktails unless otherwise stated, with options for 4 and 6 servings also available. Most kits will require a cocktail shaker.

Bramble £12.00
Cherry Amaretto Sour £11.00
Cosmopolitan £11.00
Dark and Stormy £12.00
Espresso Martini £12.00
French Martini £11.00
Long Island Iced Tea £13/00
Mai Tai £11.00
Margarita £12.00
Mojito £10.00
Pornstar Martini £14.50
Strawberry Daiquiri £12.00
Zombie £13.00

Chill and Pour
Collection of bottled classics. The stirring is done, just chill them in the fridge and pour out when ready. All these drinks are available as single cocktails, double cocktails and 500ml, each in a beautiful square bottle. Every cocktail serve contains a minimum of 50ml alcohol (double shot).

Cocktail equipment
Tools of the professionals

Delivery is only currently available to England, Scotland and Wales.

They endeavour to dispatch all orders within 3 working days, using 1st Class or Next Day Delivery services (Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays).

Thank you to Sip & Co. for the cocktail kit. All views are my own honest opinion.

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